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How Much Does Furnace Installation Cost?

furnace installation

At Approved Comfort, there is one question homeowners always want to know when they call: how much does furnace installation cost? This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many contributing factors that directly reflect pricing.  To begin with, the size of the home is a direct reflection Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Heating Service Scams

technician performing heating service

Heating service should be your highest priority this winter if your heating system isn’t working to the best of its abilities. With the weather cooling down and freezing every in its path, you need to make sure your home stays protected with comforting heat. However, when you’re looking for a Continue Reading →

4 Fuel Types to Consider for a New Furnace

thermostat being changed after new furnace installation temperature control

A new furnace is an absolute must at this time of year if your current heating system isn’t working up to standard. Most homes in the United States are equipped with some form of central air to keep them warm, most commonly a furnace. However, many homeowners just think furnace Continue Reading →

6 Questions to Ask Before Furnace Replacement

Heating system parts used for a furnace replacement

A furnace replacement may not be something on your to-do list of fun activities, but it needs to be done if your current furnace is not working up to par anymore. Your current furnace may have provided you with high-efficiency heat for years, but it won’t last forever. You may Continue Reading →

A Financing Guide to Furnace Installation

Money Saved For Furnace Installation

Furnace installation should be atop your to-do list this fall if you want to ensure your home has a steady flow of heat during the season’s coldest days. However, that goes without saying furnace installation can expensive, and you may not have the savings to cover it. But of course, Continue Reading →

7 Fall Tips for Heating Maintenance

A home can become well insulated with heating maintenance services

Heating maintenance is one of the most important things to consider this fall if you want to avoid a season full of high energy costs, lower property value, and the constant threat of a home heating fire. With the weather slowly cooling down, the need for warm air is growing Continue Reading →