When you need AC repair in Crystal Lake, IL, you don’t always need to call the professionals. There are a number of easy repairs that you can do yourself, so long as you pay careful attention to what you’re doing.

Here are Approved Comfort’s top three tips:

  1. Clean the filter. Keeping the filter clean is a simple maintenance issue that’s often overlooked. Depending on the type of AC you have, it might have a reusable filter or a replaceable one. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to see which you have, and either clean or replace the filter on a regular basis.
  2. Move the AC away from heat sources. A complaint we often hear is that an air conditioning unit cools too much, making a home unpleasantly chilly. In many of these cases, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the machine’s functioning. However, the homeowner or business owner has installed the appliance close to a heat source such as a television, lamp, computer or stereo. How is this a problem? Well, all of these electronic devices emit heat when they’re switched on, creating localized hot air pockets in a room. The AC’s sensors register this heat as a warm air temperature, and signal to the thermostat that the air needs more cooling. Simply moving your AC away from these devices (or moving the devices) is a simple, yet very effective solution.
  3. Clean the clogged drain line. Another often heard complaint is that an air conditioning is leaking. If left unaddressed, this issue can cause water damage to your home and even start electrical fires. So it’s imperative you take care of it right away. Locate the drain line that leads to the condensate pan, and simply clean it thoroughly. Once it’s unclogged, the water and condensation will be able to drain properly and the problem’s solved.

For more complicated problems in the Crystal Lake, IL region, you’re always best advised to call your professional HVAC specialist at Approved Comfort. And with our emergency service, we’re ready to help you 24/7!