The wintertime brings a rush of cold, dry air that can really be a health hazard if not addressed properly. Now that spring is here, whole house humidification in Lake in the Hills, IL is one way to solve this problem, ensuring that your home is filled with the moisture your body and property needs to stay in good condition. Not sure what’s so harmful about dryness? Here are four telltale signs your household could benefit from whole house humidification in Lake in the Hills, IL, from the health of your family members to the state of your house itself.

  1. Dryness of skin: Without moisture in the air, your skin can dry up and become itchy and irritated. If you’re dealing with a dry scalp, which can cause flaky residue in your hair, or find yourself reaching for the lip balm often, you may want to consider humidification to help your skin stay healthy in the winter.
  1. Dried-out furniture: Dry air in your home can cause the natural oils found in your wood furniture to dissipate more quickly, reducing its visual impact. Humidification can slow down the aging process of your favorite wood chairs and tables, letting you get more years out of them.
  1. Chipping paint: This one can really be aggravating, because chipping paint is not pleasant to look at and can necessitate the repainting of entire rooms. While your bathrooms and kitchen naturally get enough moisture, other rooms can get very dry during the winter months, causing the paint to peel off. Giving these rooms a healthy dose of moisture through humidification can save you a trip to the hardware store.
  1. Asthma & allergies: If there are members of your household with asthma and allergies, you may notice that their symptoms are aggravated by the atmosphere in your house. Dry air can be hugely problematic for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, so do them a favor and keep them healthy by having a whole house humidifier installed.

If you’re noticing some of these signs in your house during the winter, consider whole house humidification in Lake in the Hills, IL. Your family’s health and the value of your property will likely be better as a result. And when it comes to installing humidifiers, no one is more trusted than Approved Comfort — call them for all of your in-home comfort needs.