So you just purchased a new central air conditioner in Huntley, IL this summer—awesome! But don’t just forget about it or take it for granted once it’s installed. You need to make sure you’re not ruining it and seeking replacement sooner than expected. You’ve got a high-quality system on your hands ready to keep the entire family comfortable and you certainly don’t want to risk it going to waste.

Approved Comfort wants to make sure your new central air conditioner in Huntley, Il works not only for the remainder of this summer, but for many summers in the future. Though we’re entering summer’s final weeks, you need to make sure your cooling system will be working at the same level when next summer rolls around. It may seem a little presumptuous to take care of next summer’s needs, but what would you rather experience—easing into the summer with reliable cool air, or a sudden system breakdown right when the season begins?

How Can You Maintain a New Central Air Conditioner in Huntley, IL?

You want to make sure your cooling system works at its best, right? If so, please take the following actions before this summer comes to an end:

  1. Avoid Cooking: There is still the chance for some hot weather over the next few weeks, meaning there are some activities best left for sundown, namely cooking in your oven. The heat radiating from the oven in the midst of an already hot day will force your air conditioning to work even harder in producing cool air and increase your energy consumption.
  2. Call for Professional Maintenance: The end of summer is always the best time to call for professional maintenance. You will extend the lifespan of your new central air conditioner even more, as well as guarantee cool air for next summer as well. A professional will be more likely to spot any problems in their earliest stages.
  3. Clear the Surrounding Area: Is your new central air conditioner surrounded by clutter? You’re not only blocking its air flow, but also risking its level of efficiency. This is especially if your air conditioning is near any electronics, as the sensors on your cooling system will be led to believe it’s warmer in your home than in reality and make your air conditioning work harder than necessary. Give your new central air conditioner space so it can produce cool air uninterrupted.
  4. Consider AC Covers: You wouldn’t just leave your new central air conditioner unprotected against rainy, snowy weather during the fall and winter, would you? An AC cover will keep your system protected from any physical damage during the colder months so it will continue to look brand new when the next summer rolls around.

Contact Approved Comfort today if you want to learn more on how you can guarantee your new central air conditioner in Huntley, IL!