While you’re most likely preparing for the winter ahead by stocking up on blankets and hot cocoa, it’s also important to consider heating system maintenance in Woodstock. When outdoor temperatures reach unbearable lows, you need reliable heating to pull you through all of it.  The last thing you want to experience this winter season is a heating system breakdown, leaving you and your family stuck in the cold!

If you’re looking for great heating system maintenance in Woodstock, please call Approved Comfort today. Our heating experts can show up me and closely examine your heating system whether it be a boiler, heat pump, furnace, and more! From there, we can repair any problems we spot and ensure safe, high-quality heating for the whole family!

Common Signs You Need Heating System Maintenance

Unsure if you need heating system maintenance from Approved Comfort? Take a look at the following 4 signs and see if they apply to your current heating system:

  1. Unusual Noises: Most heating systems click when they’re activated, and oftentimes, you can hear the air flowing through the vents. These are normal sounds. If you hear rattling, crackling or squealing sounds, that can indicate anything from loose parts to electrical issues. The holiday season may be filled with music but if your heating system is beginning to sound like a broken record, it’s time to call for heating system maintenance now
  2. Strange Odor: Your heating shouldn’t emit an odor, period. If you smell gas, smoke, or burning plastic, you need to shut your furnace down immediately and evacuate the building until the issue has been addressed. If these odors are coming from a heating system that runs on natural gas, it’s important to call for maintenance soon or else it could be a sign of a gas leak that could result in a fire.
  3. Extensive Physical Damage: Wear and tear may cause problems with your furnace in including reduced air flow and poor heating control. Even the smallest traces of physical damage can hinder the performance of your heating system. While your heating system may still work even with physical damage, you should call for heating system maintenance in Woodstock if you spot any damage worthy of concern.
  4. Rising Energy Costs: Are you noticing your energy bills dramatically rising in cost seemingly by the month? Then its’s a sign your heating system is using more energy to supply your home with heat and may be weakening. Call up Approved Comfort for maintenance and you’ll see your monthly bills cut down in costs significantly!

Pick up the phone and call Approved Comfort this winter so you have unlimited, high-quality heating thanks to our heating system maintenance in Woodstock!