Furnace replacement in Lake in the Hills should be a top priority this winter, and the key to knowing when the time is right is identifying the signs replacement is imminent. Homeowners know just how important replacement can be at this time of year, but all too often will they ignore the signs telling them to do it. The faster you can pick up on the indicators, the sooner you can call a professional service company for replacement.

And if you’re looking for the right service company to do just that, look no further than Approved Comfort! We offer lightning quick replacement service that will equip you with a brand new furnace as soon as possible. Our team of heating experts believes furnace replacement in Lake in the Hills shouldn’t have to be a time-consuming endeavor, which is why we aim to be in and out the door in short order. Plus, we’re available at any time to help you with even those last-minute furnace emergencies.

When Should You Seek Furnace Replacement in Lake in the Hills?

Our team can also help you point out the signs it’s time for replacement in case you’re in doubt over the current state of your furnace. Please take note of these 5 common indicators:

  1. Higher Heating Bills: So you got your furnace repaired by a high-quality repair service company, and yet your heating bills continue to mount in cost—what’s going on? Furnace models today see a higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating that guarantees highly-efficient heat at a lower price.
  2. Thermostat Issues: Thermostats should give you greater control over the temperature in your home, but the poor performance of your furnace can make that incredibly difficult. If you want a more balanced distribution of heat for all rooms of your home, replacement will be your best option.
  3. Frequent Furnace Breakdowns: Consistency is the key to effective heating, but it can be exhausting having to keep up with all of your furnace’s stops and starts. If you’ve had to constantly make the call for furnace repair in the past two years, you need a new furnace that will keep the chances of breakdowns down to a low.
  4. Yellow Burner Flame: Furnace replacement in Lake in the Hills is absolutely necessary if you encounter the possibility of carbon monoxide, a poisonous yet odorless gas that can lead to some fatal consequences. You can detect carbon monoxide by looking at your furnace’s burner flame. Usually, the flame will be blue, but a yellow flame is indicative of carbon monoxide.
  5. Older than 15 Years: The average furnace today will last you up to 15 years and while it can continue to work well beyond that, you may see a higher risk of furnace failure or repeated breakdowns that will cost you more on repair bills if your furnace reaches past its 15th

Contact Approved Comfort today if you want furnace replacement in Lake in the Hills, especially if you notice any of these 5 signs!