You can receive both health and economic benefits from regularly replacing your furnace filter. A clean filter not only can reduce your heating bill, but it also keeps air flowing freely and keeps allergens and dust down. Here are some furnace filter replacement tips to follow to make sure you receive all of those benefits.

  • Buy multiple filters Furnace filters can be relatively expense, but if you buy them in multiples of two or more the price per filter is reduced. If you already have a new one on hand, you will probably be more apt to replace a filter when the time comes.
  • Buy higher quality filters The quality of a filter makes a big difference; the higher the quality, the longer it will last, and the more kinds of particles it will take out of the air. Look for the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) number printed on the side of the filter or its packaging. This higher the number, the higher quality the filter.
  • Replace the filter often You should replace your furnace filter once every three months. If you have pets or you have had remodeling work done recently, then you should check your filter on a more frequent basis.
  • Buy a pleated filter There are two kinds of filters: fiberglass and pleated. A fiberglass filter is cheaper, but it accumulates debris and clogs easier. When a filter gets clogged, the furnaces efficiency is lessened and your energy consumption and energy bills increases. In addition, the chances of a breakdown are increased as well. A pleaded filter does a more efficient job of filtering, and it filters more particles out of the air. They cost more but they are a better value.
  • Get a reusable filter The best value can be a reusable one that you can wash and replace. But you have to be diligent with this type of filter, because it may be impossible to clean if you wait too long.

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