1.  Where is the air?

If you find yourself having to stand in one spot or sticking to a single room because it’s the only place that is cool in your home, you might need AC service in Algonquin. Inconsistent airflow can be the result of the AC unit itself is failing or a blockage or problem with the duct work system in your home. You can clean out portions of your vents yourself, but if the obstruction is deep within the system, it’s usually better to hire a professional in order to avoid damaging your duct work.

 2.  Where is the – cool – air?

So if you can feel the air in all the room in your home, but none of it is cool that is a different problem. Air conditioners shouldn’t struggle upon startup. The motor and components should engage quickly and begin to blow steady, evenly cool air. Any deviation, from this is an indication that something is wrong. Freon levels might be low inside your AC unit or the compressor is beginning or already has failed.

3.  A bump in the night, day, early to mid afternoon…

The inventor of a completely silent AC will probably do all right for him or her-self. Until then, AC’s will continue provide white noise to many. However, the key behind white noise is that is consistent and easily ignored. AC Service in Algonquin might be required if that dull mechanical buzz or hum turns into a crunching, clacking, dinging or any other unusual noise. Possible culprits behind erratic sounds include: motor failure or disconnected components.

4.  Drains, Drips, Drops and Drats!

Condensation builds up in an AC as it is used throughout the day. Typically, the extra fluid is emptied through a tube. When the tube is blocked, punctured or no longer connected, water will leak from the unit.

5.  Something Smelly…

AC service in Algonquin is an absolute must if you detect unpleasant odors from your AC. Musty scents can be an indication of mold growth or animal infestation. A burning or chemical smells are the result of problems with wire insulation. In either event, your nose knows, do not hesitate to call Approved Comfort for AC Service in Algonquin.