Halloween is known for its horrors and a home without whole house humidifiers in Hoffman Estates may be the scariest of them all! Ghosts and ghouls may be spooky, but it’s the low humidity levels in your home during the fall that can be the most frightening. This time of year is known for its higher amounts of dry air as its costume parties and trick-or-treating, and it can certainly take its toll on everyone in your household. Breathing problems, furniture damage, and higher amounts of static electricity due to low humidity can haunt your home more than any ghost!

If you’re looking for something to ease your fears, then call up Approved Comfort to learn more about whole house humidifiers in Hoffman Estates. They can turn your house of horrors into a space of greater relaxation and comfort. We’d hate to see our customers stuck without a way to combat the surge of dry air soon to befall residents across Hoffman Estates, which is why we’re always ready to equip you with a whole house humidifier to keep your home comfortable and your family safe!

When Should You Consider Whole House Humidifiers in Hoffman Estates?

A little bit of humidity goes a long way in keeping the mood and atmosphere in your home at an all-time high, but how do you know when you need one? Well, here are 5 frightful signs it’s time to install a whole house humidifier:

  1. Skin and Eye Irritation: Are you experiencing dry skin more often than usual? Is there something in the air making your eyes watery? Then don’t worry; it’s not a sign of the paranormal, but it is a sign of dry air in your home. A whole house humidifier can keep you from itching and scratching your skin and eyes, improving comfort and keeping you healthy.
  2. Increased Static Electricity: If you’ve ever experienced the effects of static electricity, then you’ll know about the little zap it can give you. Without humidification in your home, you may experience this sensation more often. Install a humidifier to keep the shocks to a minimum.
  3. Respiratory Ailments: The asthma and allergy sufferers in your home may be coughing and sneezing a bit more than usual, and it’s not due to a witch’s spell. Instead, it means there’s too much dry air in your home and you need a whole home humidifier so they can get a breath of fresh, moist air.
  4. Cracked Furniture: Your nice wooden furniture also isn’t immune from the threat of dry air. Dry air will suck all the moisture from the wood and cause the furniture to crack. If you want to preserve that favorite rocking chair, install a whole house humidifier now!
  5. Floor Damage: Wooden floors will also begin to experience significant damage. Creaky floorboards may be a trope in haunted houses everywhere, but the floors in your home can be come creaky and cracked as well due to low humidity.

Contact Approved Comfort today to learn more on how whole house humidifiers in Hoffman Estates can keep the scares to a minimum!