A dirty furnace will cause it to work less efficiently and possibly have a shorter operating life. There is no cost-benefit of avoiding maintenance. Furnace cleaning for Lake in the Hills homes is available to keep everyone warm. In fact, a poorly maintained heating system may be 50 percent less efficient and cost more to operate.

Extensive furnace cleaning is an important job, so here are five tips you should follow when your furnace needs a little care.

  1. Filters: Before checking the filter, shut off the electrical feed and fuel supply. A dirty filter should be cleaned or changed because it can create a lot of strain on the unit. Your heating bills go up just because of a dirty filter so even the cost of replacing it offsets what could happen. Fiberglass filters may have to be cleaned once a month while pleated ones can go for three months. Permanent filters can be washed and rinsed every month.
  2. Clean the Interior: There is lots of dirt and debris in the air. Some of it will get past the filter. The blower assembly, and various pulleys and belts in the furnace, can get dirty and are accessed by removing the furnace’s cover panel. In some cases you might have to slide the fan unit out. Remove any screws if present. The parts can then be cleaned off using a damp cloth.
  3. Get Annual Maintenance: Your furnace provider may offer annual maintenance plans at a discount. A professional is also able to properly clean the furnace and all its parts, plus check for any underlying problems. Have it checked after the heating season. The reasons being that’s after a high period of demand and possible wear and tear, and a time during which companies tend to offer more deals.
  4. Have the Proper Tools Available: With some experience and the right tools, you can get the job done without a technician. The best tools to have handy are a vacuum, extension hose, dusting tool, a crevice tool, and work gloves. Leather is best but even cotton gloves will suffice. These tools are fine for adequate furnace cleaning in Lake in the Hills if you feel confident enough.
  5. Work Methodically: Start with the outside, removing dust and cobwebs from the outputs. Move to the ductwork where it meets the furnace before opening up the panel. Remove any debris inside and then get to the filters, blower, and control module on the lower portion of the furnace. Be meticulous about removing any debris from electronic components as well, including any relays, diodes, or transistors.

These are some tips for cleaning a furnace on your own. If you have any doubts, get furnace cleaning in Lake in the Hills from Approved Comfort by contacting the company for an appointment. Our professional technicians are highly skilled in this area and will take out any guesswork.