AC repair is just what you need to kick off cooling season in style. It may be hard to believe but hot and humid weather is just around the corner, making it all the more important to have your AC fixed and ready to go. Some homeowners make the mistake of waiting far too long to do anything about fixing their AC troubles, leaving them in a mad dash to call a repairmen in middle of a heatwave. What makes putting off AC repair so risky is that it only allow existing problems to worsen and shorten the lifespan if the system. This may result in you having to spend money on replacing the system or, worse, having your existing system break down when you need it the most. Before you and your family feel the full brunt of incoming warm weather, now is a better time than ever to be proactive in meeting your cooling needs. Familiarizing yourself with what can possibly go wrong with your AC will allow you to take steps in avoiding problems altogether. You will also be able to fully communicate problems with a service professional when the time for repair does arrive. But most importantly, you’ll stay cool throughout the spring and summer without worrying when the next cooling system breakdown will occur.

How Can Approved Comfort Help You?

If you’re looking for high-quality cooling service, look no further than Approved Comfort. We have offered the Lake in the Hills area excellent service for nearly 25 years, and this spring and summer won’t be any different. Our team of service professionals is revved up to take care of your cooling needs to ensure you’re not spending a single day this season dealing with overwhelming, suffocating heat. You can count on us to be there for you as soon as possible, especially in the event of an emergency. Our 24 hour emergency AC service guarantees we will be able to help you at any time. In fact, it’s our dedication to customer service during both heating and cooling season that’s made us the most trusted HVAC service company in the local area all these years. With our help, this upcoming season will be your most comfortable to date. Our AC repair service doesn’t just guarantee you’ll have a steady flow of cool air in your home; it will also ensure you enjoy greater energy efficiency that will cut costs on utility bills.

What Can Go Wrong With Your AC?

While there are certainly a number of issues you may encounter with your cooling system, here are 6 of the most common homeowners tend to experience:

  1. Faulty Wiring: Haphazard wiring within your cooling system can trip your circuit breaker and even prevent system from working at all. Worse, allowing this problem to continue is a huge fire hazard. All it takes is one small spark from your system’s wiring to lead more serious problems that puts your well-being at risk, so it’s best to call for repair service immediately.
  2. Frozen Coils: When the coils within your cooling system freeze up, it’s often due to problems with airflow such as obstructed ductwork or blocked air filters. Filters and ductwork need to be cleaned regularly. In the event of air filters, you will also want to ensure they are replaced every 1 to 2 months during peak cooling season.
  3. Low Refrigerant: Since AC refrigerant is the chemical that cools within your air conditioner, it is highly important you ensure refrigerant levels within the system are maintained. Most often, low refrigerant levels indicate there is a leak somewhere within the system, requiring professional inspection and repair.
  4. Faulty Outside Fan: The outside fan of your AC system is responsible for transporting the heat from your home to the outdoor air. However, any problem with your outside fan may result in heat being unable to transfer out of your home, leading the system to overheat and trip the circuit breaker. Problems may also lead to damage to the AC’s compressor.
  5. Condensate Drain Problems: On a hot, humid day, your AC’s condensate drain will be taking on plenty of moisture to the point where it may clog. In situations like this, it’s highly important you check the condensate drain immediately. It’s doubly important to check room air conditioners, which be more likely to experience condensate drain problems if not mounted properly.
  6. Thermostat Sensor Problems: Room air conditioners also feature a thermostat sensor to measure the temperature of air coming into the system. However, if the thermostat is out of place, it may cause the system to perform inconsistently. The sensor can be carefully adjusted back into position by bending the wire holding it in place so it’s near the evaporator coil but coming into direct contact with it.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, call Approved Comfort today if you want to ensure you receive a steady flow of cool air thanks to our high-quality AC repair!