Furnace replacement may not be something on your to-do list of fun activities, but it needs to be done if your current furnace is not working up to par anymore. Your current furnace may have provided you with high-efficiency heat for years, but it won’t last forever. You may notice your furnace start breaking down frequently, cost you more money on energy bills, and altogether be the source of more headaches than you anticipated or wanted. It can be costly just to keep it running in your home, especially when the United States Department of Energy reports that heating makes up more than half of your home’s energy budget. However, while getting a new furnace should be treated like an urgent matter, you should not purchase any random furnace for replacement. Instead, you need to make sure you are getting the system for your home. Installing the wrong system can lead to even more trouble including: poor system efficiency, shortened furnace lifespan, increased safety risks, and even more inconsistent heat for the colder months. These troubles will lead to an unpleasant next few months, and you need to make sure you avoid them at all costs.

How Can Approved Comfort Help You?

Approved Comfort is here to provide high-quality heating service this fall and winter to ensure you get heat in your home for the whole family. We can replace your heating system with the latest furnace on the market from the hottest brands. Before we make any replacements, however, we will make sure you get the right system for you. Once we help you land the right system, you will experience all sorts of benefits that will make these next few months go by much more comfortably. Perhaps the most important benefit is that you are guaranteed to have a furnace keeping your safety in check. When furnaces malfunction, and especially if there is a crack in the heat exchanger, it may risk leaking out smoke or carbon monoxide, putting the well-being of your family at risk. However, with the right heating system, this risk will be at an all-time time low, ensuring you can enjoy the fall and winter without worrying when the next home heating fire or gas leak will break out. A safer home means a more enjoyable fall and winter, especially when you have reliable heating to boot.

What Should You Ask Before You Replace?

The next time you are looking to replace your furnace, you should be asking yourself these 6 questions before you finalize your decision:

  1. How Have Your Heating Needs Changed? Since it’s probably been more than 10 years since you last replaced your furnace, your heating needs have definitely changed. This is especially important if you have since welcomed children into your family or have older relatives now living in your home, which means you will need the upmost comfort to look out for their well-being. Also take into consideration any home additions done in between now and your last furnace purchase.
  2. What Do You Want Other Than “Warm Air”? Though you are primarily installing a new furnace to stay warm, the system can provide. If you want zoning capabilities, for example, a newer furnace is able to be programmed to heat specific rooms or areas so you’re not wasting heat in areas currently not in use. 
  3. What Brands Are Available? The most popular furnace brands include Trane, Lennox, Goodman, Rheem, York and Carrier. You should also conduct Internet research to find customer reviews and news on product recalls. Some of the top brands in the country have churned out faulty products before, so be on the lookout for any concerning reports that would put your safety at risk.
  4. How Much Space Do You Have in Your Home? An improperly-sized furnace will result in poor system efficiency and frequent furnace breakdowns that will only cost you more on heating repair. Make sure a heating contractor measures and inspects your home to determine the area of installation to ensure your furnace is the perfect fit.
  5. What Fuel Type Should You Choose? The three main furnace fuel types are gas, electric or solar. Choose the fuel type based on your needs at the moment. Solar furnaces will not use fuel and instead rely on pure solar power, which will prove friendlier to the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Gas furnaces are known their energy-efficiency, you can’t risk experiencing a gas leak. Electric furnaces are safer than gas units, but may not be so kind to your energy bills.
  6. What is the Age of Your Current Furnace? You should replace your furnace if it is older than 15 years. Though it may continue to work after 15 years, you will be much better off replacing and save yourself the future headaches of an older, faulty system. Keeping an older furnace in your home will guarantee you spend more on energy and repair bills.

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