If you are experiencing higher energy costs, falling ill due to diminished indoor air quality, or simply are not receiving the heat you need to stay warm, you need to consider furnace installation from Approved Comfort. With cooler temperatures on the way, keeping your home warm will become the highest priority. However, your current furnace may not be up for the challenge. Replacing your furnace now, right before the season arrives, will save you from experiencing plenty of cold nights, higher costs on energy bills, and even carbon monoxide exposure.
At Approved Comfort, we understand just how important a new, working furnace can be to the overall level of comfort in your home. Our licensed, fully-trained heating experts will be available at any time to provide you with quick yet effective installation service that will see your home equipped with a new heating system as soon as possible. Though you think you may survive the season with your faulty furnace, think again. The last thing you want is to experience a system breakdown at any point during the fall, so do not worry over whether

8 Signs You Need A Furnace Installation This Fall

While many homeowners know the importance of a new furnace installation, some still struggle with knowing when the time is right to purchase a new unit. In that case, you can take comfort in knowing it is not just a matter of guessing. The next time you are unsure over whether the time for a new furnace is now, please pay attention to these 8 warning signs:

  • Strange Odors: Loud noises are not the only way your furnace can take away from your indoor atmosphere. You also begin to smell some nasty odors throughout your home once your furnace begins to malfunction. Even if you are unsure these odors are hazardous, it is always a better option to call a heating expert at Approved Comfort for high-quality service to inspect the problem. It may be a huge indicator that your furnace has seen better days and will need to be replaced to keep your warm and smelling nice.
  • Higher Costs on Energy Bills: Once your furnace is old and faulty, it will expend more energy in trying to produce heat, resulting in higher costs by the time your next energy bill arrives in the mail. The longer you allow these issues to persist, the worse it will become for your savings.. A faulty furnace will consume more energy to produce heat, taking out a significant portion of best solution is to call a professional at Approved Comfort who can diagnose the problem and determine if purchasing a new system is the right move.
  • Strange Noises: When working at its best, your furnace should not be making a sound. However, it is immediate means for concern once it begins crashing, banging, and groaning. It may even sound like the furnace is on the verge of collapsing on itself. Problems may stem from many areas of the furnace including the belt, ignition, or even the components. Getting a new furnace now will ensure you instead enjoy a more peaceful fall without any interruption.
  • Worse Indoor Air Quality:  A faulty furnace can be the leading cause of your home’s problems with indoor air quality. Once the furnace breaks down, it can allow easier access for dust, bacteria, and other allergens to enter your home.  Any member of your household with asthma and other breathing problems may then begin to have a tough time catching a breath of fresh air indoors. You absolutely should not take any risks with your family’s well-being.
  • Older Furnaces: Though the average furnace can last you up to 20 years, it also runs a higher risk of experiencing issues the older it becomes.  Troubleshooting an older furnace is essential if you expect it to produce comforting heat. However, calling for any repairs at all may be frivolous and it instead may be a better option to simply replace it with a brand new system that will be more likely to provide reliable heat. Keeping with that old system will only cost you more money down the road on repair and maintenance service.
  • Yellow Pilot Light: The pilot light of your furnace should always be blue. It indicated that the gases in your furnace are balance. However, a yellow is a sign of a massive, life-threatening problem. It instead indicates traces of carbon monoxide are present. Carbon monoxide is a deadly yet odorless gas that will seep into your home without you even being aware. However, noticing a yellow pilot light is one of the best ways to detect it, allowing to call for replacement immediately.
  • Frequent Cycling: A furnace frequent cycling between on and off could be due to a wide variety of reasons including faulty wiring, a broken fan motor, or even pilot light issues. While some repairs can remedy the situation, it may be the more cost-efficient option in the long-term to replace the system altogether. Instead of having to repeatedly call for heating repair during the fall, you will save so much more money by purchasing a new system that will deliver consistent heating even during the fall’s coldest nights.
  • Hot and Cold Spots: Are you starting to feel a draft in certain area of your home, even if the furnace is still running? Hot and cold spots in your home will become more common once your furnace begins to lessen in its heating capabilities. Inconsistent heating can throw off the level of comfort in your home considerably, especially if it not going to the areas of your home that need it the most. Installing a new furnace with better control over.

If you notice any of these signs, consider furnace installation now. Installing a new furnace can mean all the difference in energy costs, home comfort, and even your personal safety. The worst thing to do is simply wait too long to install, especially when you risk getting stuck without any warm air when the temperatures outdoors begin cooling down.  For the sake your family’s comfort and the value of property, the time for change is now.

Contact Approved Comfort today if you need quick, high-quality furnace installation that will improve home comfort and efficiency just in time for the fall!