Its tempting to pick up the phone at the first sign of an air conditioning problem and let a professional figure it out. But before you make that call, there are some AC troubleshooting steps you should take first that could save you significant money on a unnecessary technician visit.

Check The Settings

First and this sounds almost silly, but it happens a lot more than you think make sure the thermostat is set on cool and lower than room temperature. Next, make sure the air filter is clean; if it hasnt been changed in the last month or two, try a new one and see if thats the problem. Air filter replacement is the most important thing you can do to increase the efficiency and reliability of your air conditioning unit.

Is The Fan Running?

The next step in air conditioner troubleshooting is to check whether or not the fan is running. If not, make sure the circuit breakers for the AC unit are engaged. Check to see if any ice or frost has accumulated on the copper line coming from the unit. If that is the case, turn the air conditioner off for a couple of hours so the ice can melt. Then turn it back on for five minutes or so. Check the line to see if it is cold and has condensation forming on it. If it is not cold, or frost is beginning to form, then you probably have a Freon problem, and that can only be handled by a technician.

If your outside compressor unit is making more noise than usual, the condensing coil could be blocked or clogged. Try and clear the coils of dirt, leaves and whatever other debris may be present. Its possible that the unit will once again start putting out cool air once you try this step.

Damaged air conditioning ducts can also be a cause of an AC not emitting enough cool air. Ducts can become crimped, crushed or have excessive bends that will reduce air flow. If you can, get up in the attic and check for blocked ducts, loose connections or a disconnected duct before calling for service.

If none of the air conditioning troubleshooting steps mentioned above solves the problem, then its probably time to call a technician. At Approved Comfort, we will send someone out who is licensed, fully trained and insured, and who will also thoroughly inspect your system for the least costly potential problems first.