It can be stressful having to constantly deal with air conditioning repair. Homeowners who find themselves with an AC that is non-functional have the need to be able to rely on an air conditioning professional that can help them quickly work on their air conditioning compressor repair.

What is a Compressor?

The air conditioning compressor motor is a steel-encased container that functions as a pump for your AC system. If the compressor fails then your entire air conditioning system will be unable to perform its duty to cool down your home. The pump draws in refrigerant gas that is laden with heat from the inside unit of your system and it compresses the refrigerant gas to a higher temperature and a higher pressure.

When this gas refrigerant enters the air conditioners condenser coil it is rapidly cooled into a liquid state. The heat from the gas is then transferred to the outside unit and is blown out into the air. The cooled refrigerant then returns to the indoor unit to continue to the interior of your home. When the systems compressor fails, the refrigerant is not able to be pushed to where it is needed and your air conditioner is essentially useless at that point.

Common Signs of Compressor Problems

  • Your ACs exterior fan is spinning but cool air is not blowing through the vents.
  • The fan and the compressor are both not running.
  • When the compressor powers on it trips your circuit breaker or blows a fuse.
  • Nothing happens at all when you turn your air conditioner on.
  • A major clue that you are headed for an air conditioning compressor repair is that the compressor hisses, hums, or makes a loud squealing noise when it is turned on.

Compressors will occasionally come off of their mounts. In a case like this, it is generally a quick and easy fix by just reattaching the compressor and testing it to make sure that everything is fully operational.

Why Do Compressors Fails?

  • The fuse or the circuit break might blow for any number of reasons, including a power surge caused by a severe weather storm.
  • If your air conditioning system has low levels of refrigerant fluid it could quickly overheat the motor, causing it to burn out.
  • If the insulation of the motor is corroded, the compressor will also burn out.

When your licensed and trained service technician arrives they will be able to make short work of your air conditioning compressor repair job. They will also be able to help ensure that everything else is fully operational so that you can avoid another potential break down of your system. A surprisingly large number of homeowners simply don’t remember to routinely change out their air conditioners filter. So be sure that you make a note to complete this task every 3 to 6 months! Call Approved Comfort today and get more advice on compressor repair!