Correctly Sized Units Garner Ideal Performance

The most important day in the life of an air conditioner is the day it’s installed. Any unit that’s improperly installed is just begging for problems down the road, so it’s critically important that your technician gets this stage right. At Approved Comfort, we understand the importance of proper AC installation, so Algonquin homeowners don’t need to worry with us on the case.

Proper AC Installation Tips

  1. Proper sizing: Proper size is vital to garnering ideal performance for your cooling equipment and for maintaining optimal comfort. Oversized equipment may cycle on and off more often, which can make the house uncomfortable and shorten your air conditioner’s lifespan. To avoid this issue, careful measurements of the house are taken and calculations performed to determine the right size for your air conditioner.
  2. Sealed ducts: Ductwork circulates cool air through your home, and are crucial to ensuring your home stays cool. If there are poor or damaged connections, you could experience cold air leakage and waste lots of energy because the unit has to work twice as hard to cool your home. A quality contractor will measure duct leakage and make the proper repairs to minimize leaks.
  3. Optimal air flow: Air flow that is too high or too low can make your home uncomfortable and raise utility bills. All Approved Comfort technicians measure air flow and make adjustments to ensure the proper amount of flow through your ducts.
  4. Correct refrigerant charge: Heat pumps and central AC units only work well when the refrigerant is full and charged properly. If there’s too little refrigerant, or it isn’t charged right, the system can use more energy and offer less dehumidification power.


AC installation is important to get right the first time. If you’re thinking of putting in a new AC unit, contact the experts at Approved Comfort today for a free consultation!