Spring has finally arrived, and homeowners in Crystal Lake, IL couldn’t be happier. It’s time to see the flowers and trees of our beautiful city in bloom once again as the snow has finally all melted away. Crystal Lake homeowners know that spring also means spring cleaning — time for everyone to pack away the winter wear, let in the sunlight, and breathe some fresh air.

We can help with that last one!

Approved Comfort is the most trusted HVAC contractor in Crystal Lake. Our air conditioning services are second to none in terms of affordability and dedication to your complete satisfaction. This summer, we want to be sure that everyone in Crystal Lake gets the fresh, cool air their home deserves, which is why in this blog we’re going to talk about how to prepare your AC for the summer. Be ahead of the game! Make your spring cleaning help with this advice from the Crystal Lake HVAC experts.

How To Prepare Your AC for Summer

Over the course of the winter, your air conditioning system has been inoperative and essentially just collecting dust. All of the grass clippings and dirt built up on your condensers can affect the efficiency of your AC. How can you make sure your air conditioner or central air system is in tip-top shape going into this season? Follow these three simple tips:

  • Clean Your Coils– The condenser coil in your AC is what creates the cool air you need. When dirt, dust, and other materials get stuck in the grates, it needs to work harder in order to provide the same amount of heat — that means more expensive utility bills and less effective cooling. You can prevent this simply by turning off the device, removing the cover, and gently spraying the condenser coils with a garden hose. Make sure to use a light mist rather than a powerful jet.
  • Replace the Filters– In order to maximize efficiency, make sure to replace your filters once a year. You can buy filters in your size online, or just call Approved Comfort and we’ll replace them for you. AC filter replacement is a part of our regular service partner plan maintenance. As you change the filters, make sure you also remember to change your temperature settings from “heat” to “cool.”
  • Get an AC Tune-Up– Manufacturers recommend at least one professional air conditioning tune up every year. This ensures efficiency as well as the general lifespan of the device. You won’t need to worry about having your cooling system break down in the middle of a hot summer day when you get an Approved Comfort air conditioning tune-up! The Crystal Lake HVAC experts at Approved Comfort offer a premier 30 point tune-up process at lower-than-ever prices for customers who call for ac maintenance early. Get your AC tune-up today, and go the rest of your summer 100% worry free!

Be smart about your spring cleaning this month — start with the equipment that keeps you comfortable! For HVAC service in Crystal Lake as well as all air conditioning services, call Approved Comfort today.