Nothing signals the onset of summer like flipping on the AC for the first time. As summer approaches, it’s time to consider AC maintenance in Woodstock, IL to ensure you have a comfortable home all summer long. These five simple tips will help you keep your AC in tip-top shape.

  1. Check For Coolant Leaks
    Contrary to popular belief, you AC unit does not consume coolant. If it’s running low on coolant, you can be sure there’s a leak somewhere. Check around the outside of your unit for visible leaks. If you can’t find a leak on your own. Call us for a professional leak inspection. Our technicians will identify your leak, repair it and refill your Freon quickly and affordably.
  2. Regularly Dust The Vents
    Regular dusting and cleaning of the air vents in your home not only improves the quality of the air you breathe, it can increase the lifespan of your AC unit and its efficiency. We’d be happy to come in and professionally clean your air ducts for you, but a simple dusting on your own goes a long way. Dirty vents lead to contaminated air and can aggravate allergies.
  3. Clean (or Change) The Filter
    Changing the filter on your HVAC system on a monthly basis is a good idea. Some filters promise up to three months of use. If someone in your home suffers from allergies, frequent changes are better. An important AC maintenance task, changing the filter is a simple matter, but goes a long way in lengthening the usable years of your system.
  4. Inspect Wires and Other Electrical Components
    If you think you’ll touch any of the wires or electrical components of your system, turn it completely off. Visibly inspect wires, plugs, outlets and any other component of your system for fraying, black spots and other discoloration. Ensure there is no smoke smell emanating from your unit. Make sure all electrical connections are snug and well-fitting. Most electrical issues require a professional for the sake of safety and to diminish any fire risk. If you feel your wiring needs more than a visual inspection, call us right away.
  5. Keep The Outside Of Your Unit Clean
    As time passes and seasons change, leaves, branches and other yard and environmental debris can accumulate on the outside of your AC unit. Clear this debris away and trim back bushes and shrubbery that might inhibit free airflow around the system.

Routine AC maintenance in Woodstock, IL will keep your home humming along in cool comfort this summer.