As a business owner, your refrigeration system is a vital part of the successful operation of your business. When you are in need of a refrigeration system repair professional there is no time to waste. The longer that you have to wait, the more you are facing the loss of money. As a homeowner, the refrigerator is the hardest working appliance that you have in your home. It runs all day and all night to keep your food at that perfect temperature.

Given how hard refrigeration systems work, it is very impressive that they require repairs so rarely. However, when they do require a repair it can be difficult to face the loss of all of the food inside of your fridge.

Understanding Refrigeration Systems

Refrigerators and their freezing counterparts are comprised of two basic parts. These parts are an evaporation coil and a condenser coil. During operation, a liquid cooling substance circulates through these two coils. The coolant is pushed through the coils using a compressor that is powered by a motor.

The coolant liquid is chilled inside of the condenser from where it then flows towards the evaporator. Air that is in the evaporator is then cooled by the when it comes into contact with the liquid filled evaporator. The evaporator coil is the coil that is located inside of the unit while the condenser is the coil that is located on the outside of the unit.

The majority of refrigeration systems are now designed to be frost-free systems. What this means is that the system is controlled by an automatic timer that kicks on a small heater after a predetermined period of time. The heater then melts any accumulated frost and drains it away from the unit. This process is one that is automatic so it is very unusual to have an accumulation of frost within your system.

Along with your systems compressor system, motor, and coils, there are condensers, fans, thermostats and switches contained within the system. If any one of these items breaks then you will be facing the need to call in a pro to handle your refrigeration system repair.

Understanding The Repair Process

When your service professional evaluates your refrigeration system repair needs he will provide you with an accurate estimate of how much the repair will cost, as well as how long it will take. It would be a good idea to disconnect the unit until the service pro determines that it is a good time to turn it back on.

If your system is very old and doesnt meet industry energy efficiency standards then the cost of repairing it might far outweigh the cost of an outright replacement of the system. A newer system will not just be able to ensure you have a continuously operational system but it will also be able to save you a fair amount of money off of your utility bills.