At Approved Comfort, we always receive questions on AC repair and maintenance in Huntley, IL. Take a look at the most common questions we receive:

Q: My air conditioner is on and the vents are blowing air, but the air is not cold. Whats the problem?

A: This is probably Number One on the list of questions that we receive. And it is the one that has the widest range of answers as well. If air is blowing but it is not cold, then the first place you should probably look is outside, at either the AC unit itself or its heat pump.

First, make sure you don’t have a tripped breaker. If you do, call a service technician. If your breakers are good, however, see if the fan at the top of your air conditioner unit is spinning. If its not spinning, you may either have a bad capacitor, fan motor or both. If it is, then see if the larger of the two copper lines running to your unit is cold. The line you need to check will typically be wrapped in black insulation. If the line is not cold, the AC unit may need Freon. Or, it could have a bad capacitor, bad compressor, or a combination of the two. Call an Approved Comfort technician immediately who can come out and check the problem.

Q: I recently changed my thermostat and now the AC doesn’t come on. Do I need a repair?

A: That might not be necessary. Double-check the wiring of the thermostat to make sure you have correctly followed instructions and that all the connections are sufficiently tight. If you did not turn off the main power when you installed the thermostat, you may have blown a fuse. If that is the case, and the fuse blows again after you replace it, then you may still have a wiring problem or a short circuit. If that is the case, stop what youre doing and call a professional. Otherwise, you risk doing significant damage to the AC unit.

Q: I notice water dripping outside from a pipe. Is this an AC problem?

A: This is a common occurrence. It begins with your AC condensate drain lines that rum from the evaporator coil; that coil is usually located in the part of your system that is inside the home, either in an attic or hall closet. The coil creates condensation when your AC runs. The condensation, however, should drain through your homes normal plumbing. If it is dripping outside, that is a sign that there is a problem with the primary drain line.

Normally, the only repair work that needs to be done is to clear the primary drain line. It may also be advisable to install a drain line flush kit. Dont ignore this problem. It could lead to very damaging ceiling or flooring flooding that can be extremely costly to repair.