Replacement May be Your Best Option

As a wise, knowledgeable homeowner you are probably aware that air conditioners aren’t meant to be fool proof. Eventually, something will cause it to break down or malfunction. It’s at that point that you have to decide whether a repair or a replacement would be best.

So how do you come to that conclusion? With the help of Approved Comfort, of course!

When to Repair Your Air Conditioner

Not all problems will be majorly expensive, so you have to weight the repair costs against what a new system will cost you. If it’s minor, then a repair is definitely worth it. Another thing to consider is whether your AC still has a valid warranty. Most units under 10 years old should have the warranty intact so at that point it doesn’t make sense to replace it. But, Approved Comfort technicians can guide you in the right direction.

When It’s Time for Replacement

As all warranties do, yours will expire and your air conditioner will just get older. So, again, we turn to weighing the cost benefits of repairing vs. replacing. Is it more cost efficient for you to replace your old, outdated, constantly breaking down AC? The following tips should help you decide.

  1. It’s a fact that the replacement cost is going to be initially more money than a repair. But, if you don’t have to worry about any repairs for years down the road, isn’t it worth it?
  2. Does anyone in your family have a weak respiratory system, or have allergy problems? Well, your air conditioner could be partially at fault. Inefficient systems have been known to cause health issues for homeowners.
  3. Air conditioners older than 15 years become less and less efficient with every year of use. It doesn’t make sense to keep it around when there are far more energy efficient ones tout there that can help save you money!


At Approved Comfort, we’re ready to help you with whatever you decide. We are trained and experienced in both AC repair and replacement so there’s nothing we can’t handle. Give us a call today and stay cool all summer long!