When you can hear the outside unit running, but are not feeling cold air enter your home, you have a problem. Residents and business owners that are experiencing this problem need to call Approved Comfort. We have been in the air conditioner business since 1993 and pride ourselves on our quality work, honest business practices and community involvement.

What Causes an Outdoor AC Unit Runs But There Is No Inside Air

There are several reasons why your home or business is not receiving air from the air conditioning unit, here is a brief list of the most common problems.

Defective Blower Motor– Your blower helps push cool air into your home, if it is malfunctioning due to old age or defective connections, no cold air will enter your home.

Defective Capacitor– The capacitor powers the fan that moves air through your air conditioner system, when this fails, the fan will not receive enough power to function.

Evaporator Coil Dirty– If your evaporator coil is dirty or coated with dust; it will not cool the air as it is moved through the system.

Dirty Filter– When your air filter is dirty, your system can overheat and fail to function properly.

Wire Burned Off– Electrical surges, rodents and poor installation will cause wires to burn and will prevent power from going to the components.

Defective Fan Center– As an essential part of the fan, if the fan center malfunctions your system will not function.

How Are Air Conditioner Problems Repaired?

In order to determine the real cause of your air conditioner problem, we will first need to inspect the unit thoroughly. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we will provide you with a quote and give you all the options for repair or replacement. Dirty air coils will be cleaned, air filters replaced and wires can replaced as well. Faulty capacitors, blower motors and fans are replaced to help make the unit function once again.

How to Prevent Air Conditioner Failure

There is something that smart home and business owners can do to protect their air conditioner from failure, AC Tune-Ups. During a tune-up appointment we will thoroughly check your unit and service it by refilling refrigerant, cleaning filter and coils, testing the system and checking all connections. These appointments can find small problems before they cause your system to fail.

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