It is not all uncommon to have several rooms in your Elk Grove Village home warmer than others. Typically, there are usually a couple rooms that simply do not get as cool as others; this is especially the case in two-story homes. One possibility is that those rooms have the longest run of ducts to them, and those ducts go through several turns that make it harder to cool. Or a room may be over a garage and isn’t as well insulated. The room may simply be on the warmest side of the house because it is the most exposed to the sun

There are several reasons why this occurs, but here are the two most prevalent.

Air not Balanced in System Balance System with Dampers

You may need you air system balanced, meaning adjust the air flow to all of your rooms so they receive the same amount of air. This balancing could also mean making the rooms you use the most the most comfortable. If one room is cooling much faster than others, the air flow to that room can be lowered in order to even things out and send more air to other areas

The best way to balance the air in your home is by having dampers installed on the individual supply runs that come off of the main supply trunk, which is typically located in either the attic or basement. You can identify these by the small metal handles which adjust your dampers and control the amount of air coming through your duct system. Dampening the air flow to the rooms receiving too much air will send more air to the rooms that need it.

No Dampers Installed in Duct System

If your home’s air flow system does not have dampers, or you cannot get to them, then you will have to balance your system at the supply registers. However, if this is the case, we recommend that you invest in a new zoning system that will let you divide your home into multiple cooling areas (and heating areas in the fall and winter). You will still only have one central AC unit, but you will have a series of dampers installed in your duct work that will direct air where it is needed the most. In these zones, you will also have thermostats that will give you better control of the comfort of your home and also reduce your energy costs.

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