If your air conditioner is not cooling properly, then you may have problems with ice on your air conditioning lines and condenser in Hoffman Estates. If your condenser is running but is frozen up, then you will see ice on the suction line, which is the thick copper line that is mostly insulated. You will probably have your best chance of seeing the condenser through the horizontal grill that is located above the compressor. You can also look on your evaporator coil.

Problems with Ice on Air Conditioning Lines and Condenser

If you turn off your unit, wait for the ice to melt, and then it re-appears after you have turned the AC back on, then you will more than likely need to call a professional. At Approved Comfort, we have provided Hoffman Estates residents with unsurpassed air conditioner services for several years There are several potential reasons why this problem would occur, as you will see in the next few sections.

Dirty Air Filter

If your air filter is clogged, that can greatly reduce the flow of air through your unit and cause icing. After replacing your filter, try turning off they system and turning on the fan to speed the thawing of ice. Then turn the system back on. Again, if ice re-appears, you may have to call a trained technician.

Dirty Evaporator

With extended use, your evaporator coils will become dirty, causing the same kinds of problems as a dirty filter. You will lose air flow gradually and slowly enough that you will not realize it until ice begins to form. In order to thoroughly clean your evaporator you will more than likely need the help of a professional; this can be a difficult job that may require the removal of the coils.

Low on Refrigerant

If your unit has frozen due to low refrigerant, this is typically due to a leak in your refrigerant lines. The age of your system and location of the leak will determine whether or not your line can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Defective Blower Motor

If your blower motor is not running, or not running at the proper speed, a freeze-up can be the result. Blower motors commonly start at the proper speed, only to slow down after heating up. Sometimes, a defective relay will cause the motor to start one time and not the next. Whatever the symptom, if your blower motor is defective you will have to call in a technician.

Defective Blower Motor Capacitor

A capacitor is a device that stores an electrical charge, and is used in the fan motor and compressor of a typical AC system. There are two kinds of capacitors used in AC systems run capacitors and start capacitors. Run capacitors maintain a relatively constant voltage supply and increase the torque of the fan motor and compressor at start-up. A start capacitor provides additional torque at start-up. If a capacitor is bulging or has an oily substance leaking from underneath, those are telling signs that it is faulty. If you have a faulty capacitor, the replacement procedure is simple for a skilled technician. Unless you are a trained air conditioning service professional, please do not try to replace a capacitor yourself

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