Rooms that are warmer than other indicates a system with poor installation. These issues can be fixed if you call the areas best air conditioning contractor, Approved Comfort. In the air conditioning business since 1993, we are experienced, honest, friendly and efficient.

What Causes Some Rooms To Be Warmer Than Others?

There are some common reasons for your home to have rooms that are not a consistent temperature.

No Dampers Installed in Duct System– A damper is a metal piece that is installed in the duct work to control air flow to certain rooms.

Air Not Balanced In System– Some rooms will become warmer than others as the air flows into rooms closest to the air system when the air in your system is not balanced.

How Are Inconsistent Temperatures in Your Home Fixed?

We will inspect your system and determine the temperature differences and determine their cause. We will install dampers in your duct work to help restrict or allow air flow through your home, leading to more consistent and comfortable temperatures.

How Can Warmer Rooms be Prevented?

When you have one of our technicians come to your home for an annual maintenance appointment we will inspect you whole system. During this appointment we will be able to identify temperature problems and offer you options for fixing the problem.

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