Roof Top A/C Unit Condenser Replacement in South Elgin, IL

When we arrived to work on the roof top air conditioner unit of a local business we found that the second-stage cooling condenser fan had seized up. We recommended to the customer that we replace the condenser motor as well as the fan blades. Once we were finished, the system was cooling the building properly at a temperature of 68 degrees. The owner of the business also wanted to know if we could provide him with lockable thermostat covers so that his employees could not change the settings. We were able to fulfill the request.

The typical air conditioning system moves high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant gas through a series of tubes and components. This gas pushes hot air from the inside to the outside, and brings cool air in the opposite direction. The condenser is partly responsible for cooling the heated refrigerant and condensing into a cooler liquid form.

If a condenser’s fins cannot get enough air then the component will freeze. One of the most common reasons for this is a blocked grill in an outdoor unit. The condenser cannot take in air and will shut down as a result. Other reasons for condenser failure include dirty or obstructed coils, coolant leaks, and low coolant level.

Any kind of condenser problem must be fixed by a licensed professional.