If you’re still wondering what investing in a new AC can do for you, then take a look at these AC replacement in Wauconda before and after shots!

As you can clearly see in the before shot, our client had an outdated model air conditioner that was severely corroded after years of use. What’s more, the hook up to the power supply was rather tight, posing a problem during yard work and maintenance.

Clearly, the homeowner made a smart choice to replace his old appliance. Not only was it too corroded and outdated to perform well; the way it was installed was also potentially hazardous.

Now look at the after photo. See the difference? This new, energy efficient model is installed correctly on a slab at a safe distance from the home. The hook up to the power supply is top-notch, and there’s a clear area around the air conditioner that allows for easy access during yard work and maintenance. That means that when regularly maintained, the homeowner will have a much easier time of preventing corrosion, which in turn will positively impact the performance and energy consumption of the appliance.

After looking at these two photos, you probably have a much better idea of whether you need AC replacement. However, we’ll also reiterate some common telltale signs that your appliance is on its last legs:

  • It fails to cool the room.
  • It’s completely corroded.
  • Parts are visibly broken.
  • It makes strange noises.

Of course, to be absolutely sure whether your AC needs repair or replacement, you can simply schedule an appointment with one of Approved Comfort’s HVAC technicians. He’ll take a look at your AC and assess objectively what your most cost-effective options are. If that’s repair, he’ll most likely be able to do it right away. If you need AC replacement, your HVAC technician will advise you on what type of AC is best for you and schedule an appointment to install it.

Don’t let your old AC ruin your summer: call Approved Comfort for AC replacement today!