When it comes to AC service, Algonquin homeowners and business owners are advised to act now before the summer months are upon us. If you’ve only used your heating system during the long, cold winter, you definitely need to check your air conditioning to see if it’s functioning properly. By acting now, you can get it serviced before the warm weather arrives.

Why Your AC Needs Servicing

Even if you just had your AC installed last year, it’s still a good idea to have it serviced. The better you maintain your appliance, the more energy efficiently it will run and the longer life it will have. Here are some of the things a professional HVAC technician will look at when servicing your AC:

  • Does the appliance cool effectively? Ideally, your AC should be able to effectively bring the room temperature down within 10 minutes or so. If it fails to do this, then there’s likely a problem with the compressor.
  • Does it make strange sounds? A well-functioning AC makes a low hum at a pitch that shouldn’t be irritating or overly loud. If your appliance is very noisy or makes strange sounds like clicks, squeaks or clangs, one or more of the parts is probably broken or loose.
  • Does it emit a strange odor? Your AC is supposed to improve the air quality by reducing the moisture and removing particles such as dust and pollen. However, if it blows more dust and debris into your home or emits a strange odor, this can indicate anything from ducts that need cleaning to electrical malfunctioning.

For the Best Air Quality, Call the Professionals

It’s usually not complicated to clean or replace your AC’s filter, but beyond that, maintenance and repair can be quite complicated. That’s where the HVAC specialists at Approved Comfort come in. We can quickly and effectively inspect your AC and determine what it needs in order to run perfectly throughout the summer to keep your home or business nice and cool. Be prepared and call us to schedule your AC service in Algonquin today!