If your AC unit fan runs but your compressor does not in Lake in the Hills, there are a variety of potential reasons. Some of these potential problems you can fix on your own, but most of them will require the skill of a trained technician. At Approved Comfort, we have fixed air conditioner problems large and small for thousands of residents in Lake in the Hills and surrounding areas.

Common Air Compressor Problems in Lake in the Hill, IL

Here are some of the problems normally associated with an air conditioning unit fan running when the compressor does not.

Burned wire at the compressor If your wiring connections are not tight enough, that could cause your wires to consistently burn. However, the wires can also burn due to an internal problem with the compressor. If this is the case, then youll have to have it replaced by a trained professional.

Compressor out on overload protector Your compressor could be undergoing excessive suction pressure at a level that makes it unable to start and run. The system could also have a defective start capacitor or start relay, or the overload protector itself could simply be defective.

Your refrigerant charge needs to be adjusted Your air conditioning system, in order to ensure proper efficiency and capaLake in the Hills, must have the correct amount of refrigerant. In order to do this, the charge must be adjusted. Your Approved Comfort technician will charge your system properly using the manufacturers charts and suggestions. This will increase the life of your system and reduce energy costs.

Clean your condenser coil The outdoor condenser coil of your air conditioner takes the concentrated heat collected from your home and dumps it into the hot outdoor air. If the coil is dirty or if plants or other objects are too close to the conditioner unit, the fan in the outdoor coil cant move as much air as required for good performance and efficiency. Around the outdoor condensing unit of the air conditioner, remove plants and other debris from within three feet of the unit in all directions. Make sure the airs upward path in leaving the unit is unrestricted for at least five feet. While most condenser coil cleaning jobs are relatively simple, others require the help of a professional.

Defective run capacitor Your air conditioners run capacitor not only helps your compressor start, but run more efficiently as well. These parts can wear down for many reasons, and a defective capacitor can significantly stress the compressor and increase operating costs. At Approved Comfort, our technicians have digital capacitor analyzing meters that can properly test your systems equipment.

Compressor will not reset If this occurs, there is, unfortunately, nothing that can be done. You will need your compressor replaced.

Defective compressor We will make every effort to restore the functionality of your compressor before recommending a replacement.

Defective start capacitor The start capacitor is used to boost the starting torque of a compressors motor. A capacitor can be damaged by a sticking relay, which will cause it to over heat, or it can overheat from the rapid cycling of your compressor. Whatever the problem, it is best that you leave this job to a trained technician.

Add hard start relay A “hard start kit” is a start capacitor, wired in with the compressor motor, to help it start on a call for cooling. This product is used for starting an air conditioner compressor that needs an extra “jolt” of electricity to get started. This is another job that is best left to a professional technician.

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