When the heat gets turned on outside, thats not the time to be experiencing air conditioning problems inside. If your AC unit hums but the fan does not run in Crystal Lake, then there are a few potential causes. All of these causes require the help of a professional, however, so please do not try fixing this problem yourself.

Cause No. 1 Defective Fan Motor

If the blower fan motor isnt running, then the electric motor overload reset switch may have tripped. If the blower motor or fan bearings are worn out, the fan can wobble and eventually ruin the bearings of the motor shaft. If the motor is still not working after you have checked the bearings, then the motor may need to be replaced. An Approved Comfort technician can come to your home and help you determine whether or not that motor needs to be replaced.

Cause No. 2 Burned Wires

If the wiring inside your unit is burned, that can obviously keep electricity from being able to run the air conditioner. For an outside unit, it is common for animals to chew through wires. This is obviously a very dangerous problem to try and fix on your own please leave it to a qualified and experienced professional.

Cause No. 3 Defective Capacitor

If your AC unit hums but the fan does not run in Crystal Lake, the other potential cause is that your starting capacitor may have failed. There are many ways in which a motors starting capacitor can fail where you will need electrical tests performed. However, there are times where all you need to do is to look at the capacitor and you can tell there is a problem. The typical air conditioner capacitor comes in a rounded, cylindrical shape. The capacitors two ends should be flat; if yours is bulged at the ends or in any other location, or it looks like it has split or has burned, then it is almost a certainty that you will need to have it replaced.

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