A simple replacement will have your system working again in no time


This customer’s compressor was having a hard time starting. When we checked the unit, we found the problem was a bad capacitor. Once we replaced the device the compressor began working normally once again.

There are several types of capacitors that are a part of an air conditioning system. These devices provide the extra boost that major components, such as the compressor, fan and others, need in order to be able to operate. If the capacitor is bad, then its corresponding component will not be able to work correctly. The most common capacitor failure is the motor run capacitor.

Capacitors can either slowly lose their power or go out immediately. If the capacitor to the fan motor, for instance, is losing power, then you will notice that your air conditioner’s cooling capacity will gradually diminish. The fan may start to short cycle until it stops working completely. However, if the problem is with your capacitor there’s no need for alarm. A quick, simple replacement will normally take care of the problem completely.

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