Approved Comfort Will Remind You of Your AC Tune Up

It’s critically important that you keep your air conditioner in proper working order, particularly for the hot, summer months. But let’s be honest here—how often have you forgotten to schedule an oil change for your car? Or neglected to make an appointment for your next visit to the dentist?

At Approved Comfort, we understand that you’re busy. That’s why we created our comfort plans, which are designed to give you peace of mind through automated scheduling and preferential service. Both our comfort plans—Single System and Dual System—provide:

  1. 15% value rate discount on all repairs
  2. 5% discount on equipment and accessories
  3. Preferential service over non-plan customers
  4. Inflation proof for up to three years at reduced prices
  5. Transferable to another location in our coverage area or another owner
  6. $25 off any emergency service calls
  7. Up to a 25% reduction in utility costs
  8. $68 off any refrigerant
  9. Longer-life guaranteed for your air conditioner
  10. Pre-scheduled service for your convenience


The Comfort Plans

For your convenience, Approved Comfort offers two preferred customer, or comfort, plans.

  1. Comfort Plan A, called the Single System, includes cleaning and tune up for one air conditioner along with cleaning and carbon monoxide inspection for one furnace.
  2. Comfort Plan B, called the Dual System, includes cleaning and tune up for two air conditioners along with cleaning and carbon monoxide inspection for two furnaces.


Air Conditioner Comfort Plan Benefits

There are some clear benefits to signing up for an Approved Comfort maintenance plan, not least of which is the peace of mind you get from not forgetting about scheduling appointments. The component inspection that’s part of all the comfort plans reduces possible issues before they come costly breakdowns and increases reliability, in addition to the lifetime parts warranty that means you never have to worry about being out of the warranty period for your machine.

Contact Approved Comfort today to find out more about our air conditioner comfort plans and the money you can save!