Your electric bills are high enough in the summer; you definitely do not want a constantly-running air conditioner adding to your financial burden. But there could be a simple reason your air conditioner runs constantly in Park Ridge, and it may not be because there is a problem with your unit. There are relatively easy ways that you can determine the cause of the problem; two of the most common are your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, or it is pulling in attic air. An Approved Comfort technician can come to your home and determine the reason why your AC just will not shut off.

Low on Refrigerant

Many people are under the impression that air conditioners consume refrigerant in much the same manner as a car consumes oil. However, this is not the case. Unlike motor oil used in a car, you should never have to add to or change your air conditioners refrigerant. A low refrigerant level can be not only an environmental hazard, it can also cause a failure of the compressor and several other kinds of problems.

If the refrigerant used by your air conditioner is Freon, then a low level could keep your system running constantly. If your Freon level is low that indicates a leak, and that must be found and repaired before more Freon can be added. The connections of most air conditioning systems are welded in order to minimize leakage, but units eight years or older are typically connected with mechanical, flared fittings. These fittings can vibrate and become loose over the years and cause leaks. If you have a low level of Freon, only a qualified technician is allowed to fix the leak and add more.

While most new system connections are welded to minimize leaks, many older units (8 years or older) were connected with mechanical flared fittings, which can loosen over the years due to vibrations and cause leaks.

Returns Pulling Attic Air

If your air conditioner is pulling in hot air from an attic, you could have a leak in your duct system. This sort of leakage can make up as much as one-quarter of your homes energy loss, and reduce the capacity and efficiency of your AC system by as much as 30 percent. Your best bet is to have a skilled Approved Comfort technician come to your home to inspect your duct system and fix any leaks that may be present.

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