It can be quite alarming for a homeowner to hear and feel a change in his air conditioning unit especially when the change takes the form of an unsettling vibration. While air conditioning vibration is much more common in window air conditioning units, it is also seen very frequently in central cooling systems.

Diagnosing the problem should never be a task for a homeowner to undertake on his own unless he is a licensed and trained air conditioning professional. Bringing in the pros can help you to not just get the problem resolved in an efficient manner but it can also help to ensure that there are no other underlying areas of concern that need to be addressed before you find yourself without a functional system.

Identifying The Problem

One of the first things that your air conditioning professional will do is to take a look at your systems filter; a dirty and clogged filter can make your air conditioner need to work twice as hard in order to cool you home down during the height of the summer. While it might not completely resolve your air conditioning vibration problem it will certainly help to eliminate one of the contributing factors.

Not only will your AC pro switch out your clogged filter for a clean one but he will also work to ensure that your entire system is clean and free of debris that could be impeding its successful operation. If your systems coils or blades, for example, are covered in heavy layers of dust and debris it can prove to detrimental to the health of your entire system; fan blades that are covered in layers of grime can be spun off balance and cause a severe vibration in the entire unit.

If the motor of your outdoor unit has somehow loosened, as it can occasionally over the course of time, then it could also be contributing to the vibration that is being felt.

Resolving The Problem

It could very well be that your system simply needs to be completely cleaned by your reputable air conditioning professional. Of course, if your systems motor needs to be replaced it could prove to be a bit more on the costly side; however, it is better to take care of a relatively lower expense now versus the need to replace your entire system in a few short months.

By performing routine maintenance on your air conditioning system you could be able to avoid any potential air conditioning vibration problems; so be sure to perform regular routine homeowners maintenance tasks while also allowing a professional to come in to ensure that there are no problems that could flare up into a nightmare for you.

It can be all too tempting for a homeowner looking to save a little bit of money to try and undertake several diagnosis and resolution attempts himself; however, unless you are well familiar with the ins and outs of an air conditioning system you might just make your air conditioning vibration problem a whole lot worse.