An air conditioner is one of the most important appliances to a home or business owner in the Illinois heat. An air conditioner can develop a few different problems that will cause it not to work; one of those can be a compressor malfunction. If your compressor is not working, you need to call the areas best air conditioning contractor, Approved Comfort. We have been in the business for over 19 years and put our customers needs first.

What Causes a Compressor to Malfunction?

Your air compressor is a vital component to your air conditioner. It works by compressing the low-pressure refrigerant that cools air as it enters the compressor into a high pressured hot gas before it is pumped into the condenser. There are a few different reasons why your compressor failed to function.

Burned Wire at Compressor-The wires that connect your compressor to the electrical power. Wires can become burned by poor maintenance, rodent activity and poor installation.

Compressor Out On Overload Protector Your compressor has an overload protector to prevent it from damage. If the protector fails, your compressor will receive a surge of power, causing it to fail.

Defective Compressor– As time goes by, your compressor can fail due to use and age.

Defective Start Capacitor– A capacitor gives your compressor a boost of power to get it started. If the capacitor fails, your compressor will not receive enough power.

How Are Compressor Malfunctions Repaired?

The first thing we will do when we arrive at your home or business is thoroughly inspect your air conditioner unit. Once the cause of the problem is determined, we will provide you with a written quote going over all of your options. Most of the problems can be fixed by repairing burned wires or other components. If your problem is caused by an old compressor, we may recommend replacing the compressor.

How Can I Avoid Compressor Malfunctions?

The best was to avoid having your compressor fail is proper maintenance. Most air conditioner manufacturers recommend that your unit is serviced on an annual basis. During this service appointment our technicians will thoroughly inspect your unit and service any parts that are not in good working condition. These maintenance appointments are vital to keeping your air conditioner running for years to come.

24 Hour Air Conditioner Service for Lakemoor, IL Residents

When your sir conditioner compressor fails, your first call should be to Approved Comfort.