Approved Comfort Cooling Experts Answer Your Questions

It’s only natural to have questions when a new air conditioner is installed. You want to be certain that you’ve made a good investment in your family’s comfort, after all. Here are a few answers to common questions that Approved Comfort hears often.

Q: How do I know if my air conditioner works?

A: Generally, you should hear the outside fan starting up and cold air coming through the vents. If neither of those things happen, or if only one of them does, you have some cause for concern.

Q: How can I turn up my air conditioner?

A: Use either the thermostat on the wall or, if you have it, a remote control to change the temperature for central air systems. For window units, you may need to turn a knob to the correct position.

Q: Why is my home not cold enough?

A: Your air conditioner could be too small for your home’s square footage, or perhaps you have a single household zone when really you need multiple zones. Alternately, the machine could need servicing. If you’re not sure, we suggest getting in touch with an Approved Comfort technician right away.

Q: How many square feet can an air conditioner cover?

A: The square footage an air conditioner can cover depends on its capacity, which is measured in British Thermal Units, or BTUs. For example, a 1,200 square foot area requires an air conditioner that can generate a minimum of 21,000 BTUs per hour. The ENERGY STAR® program has a great equivalency chart to help you measure your room’s area and determine how much cooling power you need.

Q: How many zones do I need for my house?

A: That depends. If you have any special-purpose rooms, such as a home office, or rooms like a formal dining room that have special cooling needs, you may consider a zone system. You wouldn’t use just one light switch for the entire house, and zoning functions much the same way.

Zoning is a simple method of splitting your house into regions that have similar cooling requirements. If you do decide to create multiple zones, we suggest splitting the sleeping regions from the living spaces to start with. From there, you can customize zoning to as many individual areas as you need.

Q: What are the most energy efficient air conditioners?

A: The ENERGY STAR® program puts its seal of approval on any air conditioner that uses 20% to 30% less than required by federal standards. Take a look for the ENERGY STAR® seal of approval on any air conditioner, and you’ll be sure to get an efficient model.

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