As a responsible homeowner, you should keep in mind that air conditioning filter replacement can not only work to improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioning system but it might also work to help prolong the overall life of your system. It should be amongst the first steps that homeowners take when they start to perform routine maintenance of their homes HVAC system.

When homeowners do not replace their air conditioning filters on a regular basis, the positive flow of air is blocked. This blockage can cause one of two things to happen: the unfiltered air could bypass the filter clogs and allow an array of dirt, pet dander, pollens and even bacteria to flow into your home. Or your air conditioning system could forcibly push the cooler air through the clogs, allowing for an increase of dirt, pet dander, and other air pollutants in your home. Either way the result is a major decrease in the air quality within your home and a major increase in the amount of energy that your air conditioning system needs to utilize in order to function.

Locating The Filter

When you are ready to perform the air conditioning filter replacement you may struggle actually locating when the filter is. Many newer systems are now located in their entirety (with the exception of a thermostat) in the attic of newer build homes. While this can help homeowners fully utilize all of their indoor space it can also prove to be a bit of a challenge for homeowners to climb up into their attics in order to locate their filters.

If you have any questions about the location of your systems filter then you should consider employing the skills of an air conditioning professional who will not just help you to locate your filter but can also do a quick once-over on your system to ensure that all is operating within recommended guidelines.

When To Change The Filter

Air conditioning filter replacement should be at the forefront of your mind during the summer months; with your air conditioning running practically twenty four hours a day, the filter can rapidly turn into a clogged mess that needs to be replaced every four to six weeks. Keep in mind that if you have one or more pets in your home or if someone in the house is a smoker, that the filter will also need to be checked more than once a year. Another time to consider checking the state of your systems filter is if you are currently undergoing a renovation in your home; the disruption of dust and the addition of sawdust and other airborne particles can increase the need to change your air conditioners filter.

By keeping up with the simple task of replacing your air conditioners filter you will be able to prevent the potential for incredibly costly repairs that could result from the neglect further on down the line.

Selecting The Filter

If your air conditioner is somewhat older or you no longer have the manufacturers instructions that would have accompanied the system then the easiest way to figure out what type and size filter it needs is to remove the old filter and measure it. You can then simply just pick up a replacement filter at your local home improvement store.