When your air conditioner unit is running but the temperature inside your home is not getting any cooler, you may have a frozen unit. A frozen unit will not function correctly and the temperature in your home can quickly become uncomfortable. Residents and business owners in McCullom Lake can call the areas best air conditioner contractor, Approved Comfort. Approved Comfort has been in business in the area since 1993; we have always put our customers first and operate with honesty and integrity.

What Causes an Air Conditioner Unit to Freeze Over?

Your air conditioner may become frozen for a variety of reasons. Evaporator Extremely Dirty– Overtime your evaporator coils can become extremely dirty. When it is dirty it is not able to efficiently cool the air moving through the system and can work too hard to cool the air. This can lead to your unit become frozen. Dirty Filter– Dirty air filters can cause major problems for your air conditioner. They make your unit work overtime and can lead to a frozen unit. Low on Refrigerant– Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool the air that enters your home. If the refrigerant is low or leaking, your unit will not be able to cool air efficiently. Defective Blower Motor– The blower motor moves air through your system directing it into your home. A defective motor is not able to move air. Defective Blower Motor Capacitor– The capacitor helps power your blower. When the capacitor fails to kick in your blower will not get enough power to function.

How Are Frozen Air Conditioning Units Fixed?

Once we determine what is causing your unit to freeze over, we will give you a quote for repair or replacement. If your problem is caused by a faulty blower or capacitor we will replace the components. For dirty air filters or coils, cleaning or replacing them can help fix the problem. If your system is low on refrigerant, we will determine what caused the low levels and recharge your system.

How Can I Prevent My Air Conditioner From Freezing?

In order to prevent your unit from freezing up, you need to have regular maintenance. A regular maintenance appointment will involve a thorough inspection and check of filters, coils and refrigerant. These appointments help identify small problems before they become major repairs.

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