An air conditioner problem can be frustrating, when the problem leads to water leaking inside your home it can become a disaster. When your air conditioner is leaking, it is important to have the problem repaired as soon as possible to limit the property damage. Residents and business owners in Marengo can call the areas most reliable air conditioning contractor, Approved Comfort. We have been putting our customers first since 1993 and pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and quality work.

What Can Cause an Air Conditioner to Leak?

There are a few reasons why an air conditioner begins to leak.

Drain Stopped Up-Every air conditioner has a drain that helps water that comes from condensation drain. Sometimes this drain can become clogged, causing the condensation to leak from the unit into your home.

Evaporator Coil Pan Rusted Out– The evaporator pan directs the condensation into the drain. When this pan rusts, the water will not flow to the drain and instead will leak into your home.

Unit Frozen Up– Units can freeze up due to dirty coils and filters and the frozen unit can develop a leak that enters your home.

How are Air Conditioner Leaks Repaired?

After we inspect your unit and trace the leak, we will give you a comprehensive quote for the repair. We will clean the drains, replace the evaporator pan and clean or replace evaporator coils and air filters or fix any other issues that may be causing the unit to freeze.

How Can Air Conditioner Leaks be Prevented?

Your air conditioner is just like any other large appliance, it needs regular maintenance. During these maintenance appointments we will inspect your unit, clean drains, check pans and service filters and coils. Keeping all of these components in good working order helps prevent major problems like leaks from developing.

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