An old air duct will cost you money


As an air duct system ages, it can form leaks or suffer damage. If you have any sort of holes, loose joints or loose fittings, you’ll be wasting money because your heating and cooling systems will be nowhere near as efficient as they could be.

Air will be lost in your ductwork, and as a result will not be able to reach different areas of your home. Your energy bills will rise because your systems have to work harder to make you comfortable. The more that a furnace or air conditioner has to cycle, their lifespans decrease while your bills increase.

Problem ductwork also increases the chances that you will breathe in pollutants that can lead to serious respiratory problems. Mold and other allergens can be a very significant problem, especially in those who have compromised immune systems. If you notice that your home just isn’t getting as comfortable as it used to, or your indoor air doesn’t seem to be healthy, you should have a professional come out to check your ducts.

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