The answer to that question is: absolutely!

These past few weeks, we have all been facing the very worst weather that winter has to offer. In fact, at the Approved Comfort office we just received a phone call from a very unlucky customer whose teeth we could almost hear chattering through the phone! This poor polar vortex victim’s furnace has just failed after a few days of weird sounds, funny odors and lackluster performance. In a best case scenario, we would have dispatched one of our expert heating technicians to the customer’s home before the furnace broke down completely. But since this furnace was only 6 years old, the customer assumed they were safe—or at least safe enough to ride out the rest of the winter! No such luck. Fortunately, Approved Comfort is fully prepared and staffed for winter emergencies and we were able to get a heating technician onsite within a couple hours.

A number of different issues can cause a furnace breakdown like this and may require repairs, including:

  • -Damaged or corroded coils
  • -Faulty electrical connections
  • -Air flow issues
  • -Dirty of clogged air filters


If your furnace does happen to break over the next few months, leave it to Approved Comfort to get it fixed fast so you and your family can return to enjoying the safety and warmth of your home. At Approved Comfort, we know how much you depend on your in-home comfort in winter. So when your furnace fails, make sure you call Approved Comfort and depend on the best technicians in the business to restore warmth and comfort to your home.

Shivering and shaking from the cold in your home due to a broken furnace is not an option. Call Approved Comfort and get your local heating experts on the job today!