“We had Approved Comfort install our brand new furnace and air conditioner. Both units look and work great, I must say Approved Comfort did an amazing job. My husband and I are so happy with the job that was done, it was just as we expected. I recommend that everyone uses Approved Comfort!!”

-Mary Westenberger

“We had Approved Comfort come out to do our annual spring cleaning on our air conditioner last month. They did a great job and after they left I told my husband that it’s working like it’s brand new. Its always great service with Approved Comfort.”

-Fran Korzen

“When Approved Comfort came out to do my annual cleaning on furnace they did a fantastic job. Not only did they clean the furnace but they also replaced my filter and humidifier pad. They always have excellent service and are very helpful.”

-L. Queen

“OMG!!! Jorge showed high levels of Professionalism while he was here working on our building. He walked me through step by step on what he was doing and I really felt taken care of. I am very happy that Jorge is part of your team.”

-Marco Silva El Caf

“Jorge who serviced my furnace and air conditioner is a very polite, kind and most of all an honest man. You guys always do a nice job cleaning and maintaining my furnace and air conditioner. I will refer Jorge and Approved Comfort to everyone I know.”

-Alma Johnson

“We had our new furnace installed by Approved Comfort and the job they did was amazing. They quoted everything for me one day and installed the next. My family and I are very pleased with how professional everyone was and how great our furnace looks. Thank you Approved Comfort”

-Steve Hunter

“Originally the filter rack was installed underneath my furnace. When I recently had my furnace replaced by Approved Comfort and they set up my filter rack above the furnace so I wouldnt have to bend over every time I needed to replace them. They redid my duct work above and under my furnace and I must say it looks great. Another fantastic job done by Approved Comfort”

-Mr. Powell

“Approved Comfort is my heating and air conditioning company of choice. They are always on time, they do a fantastic job and everyone is always so helpful. The technician took the time to explain to me everything I could do to help keep my furnace running smoothly. The cleaning not only makes my furnace run great it also looks nice. Thank you Approved Comfort”

-Linda Williams

“I am very impressed with how quickly Approved Comfort not only quoted a new furnace but how fast they got the ball rolling to have it installed in my home. The installation went smooth and the furnace works perfectly.”

-Woosoo Chun

“We shopped around for weeks for prices on a new furnace and air conditioner for our home. Approved Comfort not only had the best price around but also could install the systems the very next day. We got such a great deal that we decided to have them install a humidifier as well. All three systems are working great and we couldnt be any happier. Two thumbs up to Approved Comfort and all their employees.”

-Mary Westenberger

“I called Approved Comfort as soon as I noticed there was something wrong with my furnace. The technician came out to my house and noticed that my control board was bad. He replaced it and now my furnace is running great. The technician was very nice and helpful Thanks”

-Agnieszka Dzwinacka

“I scheduled my annual furnace cleaning with Approved Comfort and I must say my furnace looks and runs great. Excellent job”

-Mr. Ohlson

“When my humidifier wasnt working correctly I had Approved Comfortcome out and take a look at it. After only five minutes the technician noticed that there was a broken water feed tube at my solenoid valve. I had no idea what any of that even meant so the technician explained it to me. I gave him approval to fix my system and it has worked perfectly ever since. I only call Approved Comfort for all my heating and air conditioning needs. You guys rock!!!”

-Sheva Wohlhart

“When I needed my furnaces cleaned in my home I called Approved Comfort. I was put on the schedule that very same day and the service was EXCELLENT. The technician came out cleaned both my furnaces and did a free dryer vent inspection. Both of my furnaces are looking and running great and I would recommend Approved Comfort to everyone.

Thank you”

-Marguerite Weadley

“Approved Comfort always comes out and does my annual cleaning on both my a/c and furnace. I always appreciate the job they do when they are out here. Not only did they clean my furnace but they also replaced my filter and humidifier pad for me. Great job Approved Comfort”

-T. Barrett

“I noticed that I had a gas leak on my furnace so I called the professionals at Approved Comfort. When the technician arrived he noticed that I also had a gas leak on my dryer as well. Both of my leaks were fixed and I feel comfortable knowing my family is safe. Thank you Approved Comfort”

-Gerald Jonas

“Thank you Approved Comfort for the quick response in getting our new furnace installed.”


“Approved Comfort came out and cleaned our air conditioner and they did a fantastic job. They did such a great job and Tony the technician made such a great impression that we were eager to resign our preferred customer maintenance agreement. Always great service!!!”

-Patricia OToole