“I woke up one morning and it was freezing in my house so I immediately called Approved Comfort. There was a technician in my area and within an hour someone was at my house. In less than fifteen minutes they knew what the problem was. The technician had the part in his vehicle and it was installed in less than thirty minutes. I am very impressed with the service.”

Tammy Armstrong

“Approved Comfort came out to do a schedule cleaning on my furnace. The technician did an amazing job cleaning my furnace, he also changed my filter and humidifier pad. I was totally unaware of how important it was to change your filters and pad regularly. Joseph our technician took the time to explain to us how to identify the brand, type and size of filters and pads we need. I was so impressed that not only did I become a preferred customer, I also recommend Approved Comfort to everyone I know.”

J. Kedvesh

“We have been a preferred customer of Approved Comfort since 2010. We love the service and even better we get preferred customer pricing. I also like that we never have to worry about our heating or cooling systems. Much appreciated.”

Sherman Family

“I recently became a Approved Comfort preferred customer and I must say they do a terrific job. They sent over a technician to clean my furnace and he was very knowledgeable and helpful. He took time to explain everything to me and also made some recommendations to help me keep my furnace in tip top shape. Great service!!”

Gerald Taylor

“I always appreciate the work Approved Comfort does to my heating and air conditioning units in my home. The customer service is spectacular and their technicians are all great guys. I would definitely trust Approved Comfort with all your heating and cooling needs.”

Carmelo Palumbo

“I had Approved Comfort come out to my house to do a clean and check on my furnace. I must say the service was excellent. Joe, the technician was very helpful and knowledgeable. I couldn’t be happier with Approved Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning.”

Bryan Harp

“I have used Approved Comfort for both my air conditioning and heating needs for many years. In addition to keeping me informed on my appointment and sending me reminders, the technicians are very conscientious and thorough in explaining what they are doing and in giving options when required.

Our neighborhood has experienced a few crises over the years, and Approved Comfort was able to be available to meet our needs at all hours of the day and night. On several occasions the owner has personally come to follow-up on an installation or service call.”

Mark Binder

“Approved Comfort has been my HVAC company since 2006. Every year they come out to do the annual maintenance on my furnace and air conditioner, and on occasions they have come out when my furnace or air conditioner have been out, like was the case last month. I called them out because I was having problems with my furnace, they quoted me to repair it but it made more sense to have it replaced, so I decided to have both my furnace and air conditioner replaced. As soon as I made up my mind they scheduled my installation. The installer explained and showed me everything about the furnace and they will be coming back in the spring to start up my air conditioner. He was also very helpful on the things that I will need to do for future maintenance in order to keep my warranty intact.”

David Siswen

“I was referred to Approved Comfort by a friend of mine and I called to get an estimate. The sales man gave me may different options without being pushy. I thought about it and made up my mind to go with Approved Comfort. A Couple of weeks later my new unit was installed, the installers explained to me how to replace my filter and how to work my new thermostat. A few weeks later Approved Comfort sent a technician to do a Quality Control on my new unit and noticed that a switch was in the wrong position, they changed it to the correct one, cycled my system and made sure that my unit was working properly, very nice people at Approved Comfort!”

Jeanie Hohman

“I found Approved Comfort on the internet and scheduled a call on their website because my furnace was not working properly; since they were coming out I also booked a furnace cleaning to be done the same day. The technicians found the issues with my furnace they quoted the parts that needed replacement but they did mention that is would be more cost efficient for me to have the furnace replaced. I scheduled an appointment with Approved Comforts sales man and came over in that same week, l liked what he had to offer, and I loved the fact that he was not pushy so, a couple of days later I had a new furnace installed. The installation went smooth and the furnace works perfectly. Two weeks after Approved Comfort sent a technician to do a Quality inspection on my furnace and everything was good, I was so happy with the service that I purchased a Preferred Customer Comfort Plan. I get 2 cleanings a year, discounts on all equipment and repairs, and emergency calls PLUS if my air conditioner is low on refrigerant, the first pound is free! I will recommend Approved Comfort to my friends and family.”

Woosoo Chun

“I have nothing but good things to say about Approved Comfort. I called them after having multiple companies coming out to my home and not finding the issue with my system. Approved Comforts technicians tried a few different options that didn’t work but they never gave up. They ask about a possible power surge and I told them that I did have one back in the summer; they pieced everything together and figured out that that power surge was the cause of all my HVAC problems. They worked together with my insurance, billed them for every service ticket that I had paid AND they also paid for a new furnace. The new furnace was installed ASAP and everything was been working great since. I just wanted to thank Approved Comfort for all their help since day one and for getting everything set up with my insurance!”

Kathy Everly

“The furnace failed in my house in Lake in the Hills. So I called Approved Comfort Heating and Air conditioning. After only 15 minutes, George the technician had diagnosed the problem we had been having since 2007. George is a awesome tech and should be recognized for his outstanding service. I would recommend Approved Comfort to all my friends and family for any heating and air conditioning needs. Two thumbs up!!!!”

G. Peterson

“I recently called Approved Comfort because I had water leaking from my water heater; they sent some one out right away to look at it and determined that I needed to replace it. I loved the fact that the sales man was not pushy, he gave us options, gave us our time to think, we liked the deal we were getting and had a new hot water heater installed immediately. The installation went great! They sent another technician to do a quality control check to make sure that the installation met their standards. He was very professional as are all the employees at Approved Comfort that is why we have been working with them since 2007!”

Mr. and Mrs. Small

“I had Approved Comfort come out to clean my furnace and I must say they did a terrific job. My furnace looks and runs great!!! Thanks Approved Comfort!”

Judy Gilbert

“All of the service technicians over at Approved Comfort are super helpful. Especially Tony, he took the time to explain to me what was wrong with my furnace. The hot surface ignitor needed to be replaced and he had one in his van. He fixed my furnace, replaced my filters and cleaned my dryer vent. Tony is a nice man and I always receive good service from Approved Comfort.”

Paul Fivelson

“I just wanted to say thank you to Approved Comfort for all their hard work and understanding. You guys do a terrific job.”

Janice Baker

“I called Approved Comfort for my routine furnace cleaning. During the cleaning George the technician realized that I needed to replace my hot surface ignitor. The furnace was cleaned, a new ignitor was installed and my dryer vent was also cleaned free of charge. My furnace is running great and I have Approved Comfort to thank for it. Thanks Everyone”

Vicky Gesinger

“When I needed to replace the furnace in my home I called the guys over at Approved Comfort. They did a wonderful job installing my furnace and it was excellent service. My family and I are very pleased with Approved Comfort.”

Seth Tapins

“I have been an Approved Comfort preferred customer for years and I think they do an amazing job. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to clean my furnace. Thank you, Approved Comfort!”

Ralph Wehner

“I needed my whirlpool dryer vent cleaned so I called Approved Comfort. The technician was a pleasure to have in my home and did an excellent job. I would recommend Approved Comfort for all your heating and air conditioning needs.”

Allan McGlothlin