“Your team was superb, very meticulous while installing new Bryant A/C.”

-Orey & Lucia Buzzelli

“Thank you Approved Comfort. You saved the day. I almost lost all of the food and supplies in my commercial walk-in refrigeration unit. Thanks for repairing it. Dinner is on me.”

– Bobby G. Restaurant Owner

“Our service tech was knowledgeable, thorough and explained everything as he went through his 25 point check list. He made sure to check filter, and explain the importance of changing the filter. He checked the wiring, refrigerant, breaker, he left our unit factory fresh! He offered us a free dryer vent inspection and explained the hazards of a dirty dryer vent. Quite impressive knowledge base with the customer’s needs top priority!

Thank you!”

The Larsons

“Approved Comfort heating and air conditioning installed my furnace in one day and I got the best value I could have gotten. I have been doing business with them for over 6 years, and every time someone comes to my home to repaire or install my furnace and or air conditioner, I am treated like a new customer. The office is always professional and courteous, just like the service technicians and even the salesman Dave. The sales aspect was educational and it appeared to be over promised, but to my surprise from the drop cloths on the carpet, to the thank you hand shake at the end, I was under promised and over delivered when it came to my furnace installation. Living in the Boulder Ridge subdivision in Lake in the Hills, I am always sceptical to businesses that want to raise their prices just because of where I live. Approved Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning was priced right. Thank you guys and gals, I will see you for my annual maintenance next year. ¬†Thanks!”

The Ryan`s

“I purchased a Comfort Plan which includes my air conditioner maintenance and my furnace maintenance but what I also explained about the plan is that being a preferred customer I save $49 on my cleanings, value rate discounts in all repairs, 5% off any equipment or accessory purchases, $25 off any emergency service calls and my first pound of refrigerant is FREE! I had my air conditioner cleaned under my plan and they also inspected my dryer vent for free! They did find the vent was dirty and I asked them to go ahead with the dryer vent cleaning, since I am a preferred customer I received a discounted rate. Everything about the service was EXCELLENT, Completely Satisfied!”

Janet Dengler

“I had a service tech come out to inspect my air conditioner because it was not cooling, upon inspection they found the air conditioner low on refrigerant. They installed easy seal to stop the leak, but I was told that if that did not work then the leak was not going be able to be repaired and that I would need a new unit. I had to call them out again because of another problem with my unit, after this we decided that it was best to replace the unit. They scheduled my install same day, everything was great.

As always- the best staff and techs anywhere”

-Kathy J Hendrickson

“From that our AC and furnace were installed in August of 2006, we have been totally satisfied with aspects of your company. Since we have had our yearly maintenance on both of our systems we have had no problems with our warranty when ever something is not working properly they come out and fix it with out us having to pay for parts. We have never had to wait for a technician because they are always on time!We will gladly recommend your company to your all of family and friends!”

The Farleys

“I called Approved Comfort because I found their ad in the cash coupon book that I get in the mail. I scheduled an appointment with the salesman and he came out right away. He gave me such a great deal that I purchased it on the spot. Approved Comfort sent the installers and they were awesome! We will be talking again because I will be referring you to a lot of people, I am very happy with my purchase, with the service and I am going to spread the news. I just love that Salesman!”

George Wallar

“I had an Angel at my house for service and his name was Gabriel! I have been an Approved Comfort customer since 2006, they installed new a new air conditioner and furnace in my home and we did have problems with the air conditioner but they replaced it under warranty. They have done the spring and fall maintenance every year since. Any recommendations that they have, I always have the choice to have them done or not, they do not do ay work with out me agreeing to it. The office staff is always courteous and helpful, technicians are prompt and service work is always performed to my expectations.”

The Reuters

“We have been customers of Approved Comfort since 2008, we have 2 furnaces in our home one was replaced in 2010 and they just replaced our second furnace. We have always been happy with the service, that is why we always have them do the maintenance on all of our equipment and when time comes to replace equipment we have Approved Comfort do the work. They are always very thorough explaining all work that is being performed, always very courteous, neat, prompt and helpful, we even get a call in the spring and fall to remind us to schedule our maintenance! Thanks Approved Comfort!”

The Debolts

“Our history with Approved Comfort goes back to 1998 when we called them to install our Humidifier and Air Cleaner installed. After that we have had them come to do the yearly maintenance on our air conditioner and our furnace. We signed up for Preferred Customer Plan and we have stayed on it since. In 2006 we needed a new Unit heater, and of course we had Approved Comfort install it, then in 2009 we needed to replace our furnace and they installed it, we got a 5% discount on the equipment just for being Preferred Customers! We have had a very positive experience with Approved Comfort through out the years, we are happy with the service. We just had our furnace cleaned and we just wanted to say what a wonderful technician you sent, thank you!”

Tom & Maria Frankenfield

“We scheduled Approved Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning to come and perform the annual Furnace Precision Cleaning and Carbon Monoxide Safety Inspection this October. Mike the service technician arrived a little late but the office did call and notify me ahead of time to be courteous. (Much Appreciated)

The service Mike provided took just over an hour, which was nice, I felt he was thorough and not rushed to leave and go to the next call. He also provided a new service for FREE, it is inspecting the dryer vent.This includes afull inspection ofthe ventdesign, integrity and any restrictions. From here, if necessary,Approved Comfortconducts cleaning, andor replacement ofthe dryer vent system. The best is yet to come, the technician said,”If you are not satisfied with this service or the amount that comes out of the vent, it is FREE!” WHAT? I couldn`t loose. Guess what? I needed it done, in a bad way. For more information and videos of this type of cleaning, the technician requested I look at this link.https://approvedcomfort.com/dryer-vent/

Thank You Mike and Approved Comfort Heating and Air in Lake in the Hills

Technician did a great job. He cleaned our air conditioner, explained everything he did step by step. He recommended a couple of items to ensure we are getting the max out of our system but he did leave a proposal behind for a new unit. We got a free dryer vent inspection and we were explained the hazards of a dirty dryer vent, when we saw the results of the inspection we decided to clean it right away. Work performed met our expectations!”

John & Beth Gaudino

“Our technician was punctual very friendly and courteous, in fact he was able to arrive hours before the scheduled time which helped me greatly. The technician recommended that I purchase a Comfort Plan for the maintenance of my air conditioners and in the fall my furnace cleanings which saved me $117 and I get special discounts on repairs and equipment purchases,and I get other bonuses for being a preferred customer. I received my free dryer vent cleaning and they found my vent dirty, I was recommended the cleaning and I agreed. This fall they will be calling me to remind me of my fall maintenance, I dont even have to worry about scheduling that because they are taking care of me.”

-Bo Modzelewski

“I was impressed with the friendly and courteous attitude of my technician. He performed my annual air conditioner cleaning; he explained every thing he did step by step. I asked him to replace my thermostat and he did. He recommended that I replace my air filter because he found it dirty when he inspected it, he explained the importance of a clean air filter and of course I agreed to change it. He performed my FREE dryer vent inspection and told me that I did not have anything to worry about because it was clear.”

-The Iversons

“Last year at the yearly maintenance for my ac unit they discovered that my unit was leaking refrigerant. They added stop leak and added the refrigerant that had leaked, they did warn me that the work performed did not guarantee that my unit would not leak but they would reimburse me for half of the cost so I went ahead and had the work done. My unit worked for the rest of the season but this year when they came out again is was leaking. I decided it was time to purchase a new unit. Everything was great and as always the men are always working and cheerful and nice. I think Ill be happy with the new quieter unit.”

Betty Borgeson

“We called Approved Comfort to do our annual maintenance on our air conditioner and they sent us an outstanding technician. He started up and tested our system, checked the thermostat for proper operation, checked the compressor and hosed it down,checked for adequate refrigerant charge and he also checked for any refrigerant leaks, he checked electrical components, voltage amp draw to all motors, he had our unit running factory fresh! He also recommended a surge protector and we decided to purchase it and he installed it right away. He checked our system again and had everything running great. Your technician is a real asset to the growth of your business!”

-Bob & Deb Gottschlich

“We had Approved Comfort come out in May to do our annual maintenance. The technician told us that our unit was at the end of its life span and that we would have to be replacing it soon, he also offered to leave us a quote for a new one but we decided to wait on that. In June we heard a loud noise coming from the unit, we called Approved Comfort again and they told us it was time for a new one. We decided to wait to have it installed until we returned from our trip so they ended up installing it in July. They came back to do the Quality Inspection and everything was great, your TEAM IS AWESOME!”

Orey and Lucia Buzzelli

“I needed a company to come out and service my air conditioner so I went on the internet and I found Approved Comfort, so I decided to call them to have my air conditioner maintenance. My technician was so professional and courteous! He answered every question I had, he mentioned that my air conditioner is old but is still working and looks good. I know that it is time that I get a new furnace and he kind enough to leave me quotes on new furnaces, there was no hard sell and I appreciate that. I have to get that new furnace soon and I will definitely get it from Approved Comfort!”

-Lynne Pirkle

“I have been a customer of Approved Comfort for a few years now; they always do my yearly maintenance and safety inspections on my equipment. This spring when they came out they told me that my equipment was getting to its end life and that I would probably need to replace it soon. When they came out to do the fall maintenance they found 4 cracks in my heat exchanger. The technician had to shut it down due to safety issues. The technician quoted me on a new furnace but I decided to wait a little. I called back a few weeks later and Approved Comforts sales man came over and we purchased a new furnace and it was installed two days later. Thanks Approved Comfort!”

Diane Flood

Furnace before installation Furnace after installation

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137