Our licensed and insured professionals at Approved Comfort install premium Amana HVAC products, such gas furnaces and air conditioner units. Amana’s brand is renown among homeowners for the quality, durability, and high level of performance for all their HVAC products. All of Amana’s heating and cooling systems provide homeowners with the integrity and dependability you need for your home to remain safe, comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the entire year.

Amana Gas Furnaces

Amana’s full line of gas furnaces use a record-setting reliability standard and award-winning primary heat exchanger design. Built by our fully-educated, Amana engineers with world-class manufacturing processes, these long-lasting, Energy Star certified furnaces meet all the high HVAC standards and are continuously updating according to the latest technology in the industry.

Some of the different kinds of Amana’s gas furnaces that will deliver comfort and quiet performance in your home for a long time include:

  • Modulating Gas Furnaces
  • Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces
  • Multi-Speed Gas Furnaces.

Amana’s High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces Products include:

  • AMVM97 – Up to 98% AFUE
  • ACVM97 – Up to 97% AFUE
  • AMVC96 – Up to 96% AFUE
  • ACVC96 – Up to 96% AFUE
  • AMEC96 – Up to 96% AFUE
  • AMEH96 – Up to 96% AFUE
  • AMSS96 – Up to 96% AFUE
  • ACSS96 – Up to 96% AFUE
  • ACSH96 – Up to 96% AFUE
  • ACSS92 – Up to 92% AFUE
  • AKSS92 – Up to 92% AFUE

Amana’s Standard-Efficiency Gas Furnaces Products include:

  • AMVC8/ADVC8 – 80% AFUE
  • AMEH8 – 80% AFUE
  • AMH8 – 80% AFUE
  • AMS8 – 80% AFUE
  • ADSH8 – 80% AFUE
  • ADSS8 – 80% AFUE

Amana Air Conditioners

Our line of Amana air conditioners boast premium durability and efficiency standards to lower your energy bills, cool your home efficiently, and keep you and your family comfortable for a long time to come, all under outstanding warranty protection.

Our Amana Air Conditioning Models include:

  • AVXC20 – Up to 24.5 SEER
  • ASXC18 – Up to 19 SEER
  • ASXC16 – Up to 16 SEER
  • ASX16 – Up to 16 SEER
  • ASX14 – Up to 15 SEER
  • ANX14 – Up to 15 SEER
  • ASX13 – 13 SEER
  • ANX13 – 13 SEER

Contact our seasoned experts at Approved Comfort to install all of your Amana products in Lake in The Hills, IL today!