Here is a quick look at how the typical water heater installation process works.

First, when calling us, you should have the following information ready:

  • The tank size of your current water heater.
  • Where the water heater is located (In the garage on a 18 stand, in the basement down a flight of stairs, in a crawl space in the side of the house, etc.).
  • The address where the installation will take place.
  • One of our representatives will recommend one or more model water heaters that fit your needs. He or she will also inform you if there may be potential additional services and charges needed perform the installation.

Then you need to do the following:

  • Decide which model water heater you want.
  • Decide on a payment method.
  • Schedule an installation appointment with our representative.
  • Be present at the job site for the duration of the installation.


The installation will consist of:

  • Our technician bringing the model water heater you purchased to the job site.
  • Our technician performing a pre-installation inspection to determine the scope of work necessary to perform a legal installation. Our inspections serve as estimates for additional charges, if applicable.
  • The customer signing the inspection acknowledging any additional work and applicable charges necessary to legally install your water heater.
  • The customer providing an accepted method of payment before the start of the installation.
  • Our technician installing the water heater according to the terms of the estimate. Your water heater will be hauled away by our technician at no additional cost.
  • Our technician cleaning the job site.
  • The customer signing a completion form stating the installation was completed satisfactorily.


In some cities and counties, a work permit is needed for a water heater installation. When the permit is received, follow the instructions on the permit to schedule an inspection with an inspector from the applicable jurisdiction. The cost of the permit will be included in your bill and your service tech will apply for the permit as soon as our work is done.

The customer must be present for the local jurisdictions inspection of the water heater, which is performed to ensure that the installation was done correctly and safely. Once the inspector signs the permit, the water heater installation is complete.