Roll out the red carpet and pop open the champagne, because Approved Comfort is the winner of this year’s “Pulse of the City” award! The victory marks the second year in a row Approved Comfort rides into the winner’s circle, and it’s more than well-deserved. For years, we have served residents across Illinois with the best heating, cooling, and indoor air quality service. From our personable, hard-working staff to our wide range of services, we’re honored by the continued support of our customers who make our work possible.
The “Pulse of the City” award honors one business each year for their excellence in customer service. This year, and the year before, “Pulse of the City” choses us thanks to our dedicated technicians and our striving to meet the needs of our customers. To say we’re flattered is an understatement.

What Makes Us “Pulse of the City” Award Winners?

Approved Comfort was founded in 1993 and in the years since, we’ve blossomed into the most trustworthy heating, cooling, and air conditioning service in Illinois. Here’s how we’ve kept customers satisfied for over twenty years:

  • Honesty and Integrity: At Approved Comfort, we pride ourselves on our honest business ethics and ability to maintain our classic sense of integrity. We offer no added frills and prefer to be upfront with our customers, which has allowed us to establish a firm system of trust that’s only growing stronger. Our technicians hold open consultations with all customers so they know they’re getting the right service at the right price.
  • Dedicated Professionals: Our status as a customer service powerhouse would be nothing if not for our dedicated team of professional technicians. Whether it be heating system installment or problems with cooling, our technicians go above and beyond to ensure our customers hare happy with their service. They also take great interest in getting to know customers before work begins.
  • Excellent Work: When it boils down to the quality of our work, there are none better. The repairs, installments, and replacements performed by the team at Approved Comfort are unbeatable. Whether you need a new AC or improvements on your furnace, we guarantee the work will always be professional and top-notch.

See what the celebration is all about and call Approved Comfort now for service on heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. You’ll see why we’re “Pulse of the City” awards two years in a row!