Spread the good word! Approved Comfort are award winners yet again! We’ve recently been announced as the winners of the Owler Hot in 2015 Award for Personal Service! For over twenty years, we’ve taken pride in serving customers in various counties across Illinois and it’s always nice to see our hard work pay off. Two decades of service may be a long time, but our work on heating, cooling, and indoor air quality remains just as efficient as ever. Of course, none of our success would be possible without our loyal, amazing customers!

Owler is a free and crowdsourced data model that allows users to follow, track, and research companies. Each year, they honor various companies in multiple categories with the Owler Hot award based on data from the community and company profile interest. Approved Comfort proved to be far and away the clear choice for the Owler Hot in 2015 award for Personal Service, and it’s an honor to have our exceptional customer service acknowledged on such a high level!

What Makes Our Personal Services Award-Winning?

Approved Comfort boasts a team of professionals who offer top-notch HVAC service no matter if its repair, replacement, installation, or even a simple maintenance check.  Our team always goes above and beyond to make sure all of our customers’ HVAC needs are met, including emergency service for those last-minute situations when a customer’s HVAC busts at the worst possible time. Our team of licensed professionals specialize in personable customer service that will see them consult with customers on how to perform a job that best meets their specifications. We guarantee approved comfort not just in name, but with our customers too!

What Can You Expect from Our Personal Service?

No matter what work needs to be done, you can always expect the personal service offered by Approved Comfort to be top-notch. Here’s what from our service not just in 2015, but for countless years to come!

  • A Wide Range of Services: Need an AC installed during the summertime? Want a boiler repaired during the winter? Then please call Approved Comfort and we’ll provide you with a wide range of services to cover all the bases!
  • Licensed, Experienced Professionals: Our team of experts is the best in the game. They’re always prepared to tackle any problem and will always show up on time to provide you with high-quality work.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Do you have a problem with your HVAC and need it fixed late in the day? Then you can count on the Approved Comfort team to meet you at your desired time. Flexibility with time and scheduling is key to our personal service!

Contact Approved Comfort today to experience award-winning service that will leave your HVAC in excellent condition!