If you think you missed the pre-heating season buzz for a furnace or HVAC system tune up, you would be wrong. It is never too late to get your furnace tuned up with routine maintenance, and the heating experts at Approved Comfort are here to help. A lot happens to your furnace as the season wears: parts wear out, filters get caked up and the efficiency on your system plummets. What’s worse is that ignoring these minor issues will eventually take a huge toll on your system, leading to major losses in high utility bills or even a full system breakdown. The money you think you’re saving in skipping a season of maintenance or two could come back to bite you in the end.

It’s never too late to consider getting your furnace tuned up, and if it’s been more than a year, call us today. Customers who invest in annual furnace maintenance not only feel the benefits in the home, but also enjoy long term savings. Here are some of the major benefits you could be enjoying when you get your furnace tuned up by Approved Comfort:

Improved Efficiency: Your Furnace works hard to keep you and your family comfortable all year long. Reward it with routine maintenance to ensure that it runs clean and efficient throughout the season. As dirt and sediment builds up over time, the components of your furnace need to work harder to provide the same level of comfort in your home. Having these components in tip-top shape reduces the stress on your system, saving you money and extending the life of your equipment.

Superior Comfort: The cleaner your system can run, the more comfort it provides. The build up that we mentioned before doesn’t only cause your system to work harder, it also creates an unbalanced distribution of heat throughout your home. Having a tuned up furnace will result in a comfortable home for you and your family to come back to after a long day of work.

Extended Life: When everything is running clean and efficient, you get the most out of the parts and components your furnace uses every day. This means your system will run longer and deliver warm air consistency throughout the lifespan of the equipment. No furnace will last forever, but you can get the most of your equipment’s life by taking good care of it.

Low Lifetime Costs: If you can’t justify the cost of routine maintenance, you certainly won’t want to pay the cost of a repair or replacement. Paying for routine maintenance now gives you the peace of mind that you won’t have to pay for an emergency repair later. Maintenance helps you avoid these costs overtime, reducing the total cost of your system significantly.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a professional take a look at your furnace, it’s about time you did. Give some love to your furnace this season to get the most out of your equipment all winter long. Approved Comfort is here to help, give us a call today to schedule maintenance on your furnace or HVAC system.