Seeking out Palatine heating service at this time of year is important, especially if you want to ensure your furnace is ready to go for the winter’s worst weather. With snow flurries and strong winds soon to be on the forecast, your furnace should work to the best of its abilities in giving you comfort heat so you can relax safe and sound in your home, even when a storm is blowing outside. However, while it is important you have your furnace treated by a professional, one questions remains: do you need repair or replacement?

You may encounter a tricky situation with your furnace that will leave you thinking that a simple repair will be enough when, in fact, replacement may be needed. On the flip side, you may just decide to go ahead and spend all of your money on replacement when a repair would’ve been much more cost-efficient. Well, whatever the case, allow the folks at Approved Comfort help you. No matter repair or replacement, you can always expect top-notch service from us!

Repair or Replacement: What to Do?

The team at Approved Comfort is ready to help you determine whether repair or replacement is just right for you.

Frequent Breakdowns: The average furnace today lasts around 15 years and while it can last longer than that, it runs a higher risk of breakdowns the older it becomes.  While there are some instances where repeated breakdowns can be fixed by repair, having to call for constant repair will drain you of finances. Replacing a furnace entirely will provide you with a brand new model that guarantees consistent, higher quality performance. What Do You Need? Replacement.

Clogged Furnace Filters: While your furnace filters are primarily responsible for maintaining steady air flow, they can become overwhelmed by excess dirt and debris. They need to need to be cleaned or replaced every so often to ensure better air flow in your home. This certainly doesn’t mean you should go out and just purchase a new furnace altogether. What Do You Need? Repair.

Yellow Flame: Yellow flames in your pilot light are indicative of carbon monoxide, a deadly, poisonous gas that’s impossible to detect through smell or sight. Carbon monoxide exposure can lead to nausea, a loss of consciousness, and even death. It’s important to take the steps to avoid it altogether and while repair can reduce the risk of carbon monoxide emissions, it’s better not to have a risk at all.What Do You Need? Replacement.

Thermostat Issues: Malfunctions with your thermostat can occur and throw off your home’s otherwise perfect temperature control.  A professional at Approved Comfort can inspect your thermostat to ensure everything is working 100%. However, this does not mean you should not have to replace the entire furnace. What Do You Need? Repair.

Contact Approved Comfort today if you’re looking for Palatine heating service. We offer the best furnace repair and replacement in the area!